Monday Runday and Father’s Day Wknd Recap.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to get out and play in the sunshine. I was able to get out for a bit this morning for a little Monday Runday 10K. Love when that happens.


My dad was actually in town this past weekend for Father’s Day! He lives in Houston so he hopped in from the jet plane Friday night. We had a little wine and got to catch up.


Saturday morning I got up early and hit the streets for an 11 mile run in the sun. Things really are starting to heat up down here along with the humidity. At least the cool breeze helped.


That night I recharged my batteries then went on a double date with my girl Angela.


We had some pretty tasty margaritas I have to say.


Sunday we had a bbq fiesta at my mama’s house. My dad fired things up nicely on the grill.

I’m convinced grilled fresh corn is the absolute best side dish around.


I loved having my dad here this weekend! We really got to relax and catch up. Plus he is my favorite grill master!


How was your weekend? Did you get to spend some time with your dad?

15 thoughts on “Monday Runday and Father’s Day Wknd Recap.

  1. Awww, such adorable pictures!!! Glad you had a great weekend and got to spend some nice, quality time with your dad!! So special!! Great runs, too!! You hit awesome mileage!! XOXO! Have a fab Monday!!

  2. I called my dad and chatted with him for a bit – I rarely see him.
    Glad you had time with your dad and time to relax and have fun over the weekend!

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