Multitasking, Long Runs and Russian Twists.

4 happy miles on the ‘mill this morning. I am starting to really enjoy my Tuesday treadmill jaunts. Running and getting my lift on all in one session. It’s multitasking at its finest.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 10.00.47 AM

Definitely faster than last week’s 4 miler. It was kind of a progression run and I sped up and finished faster towards the end.

After the run I played around with these medicine balls. Did some squats and threw some heavy things around.


Workout move of the day for your core…Russian twists. The medicine ball is perfect for this move.

It felt so good to pick up the pace today and the legs felt good since my Saturday run was nice and slow. Nothing wrong with slowing it down sometimes…especially for your long runs if you are in marathon/26.2 training mode.

Run Slow: I know this is tough for you. You want to go out on those long runs and BLAST! Don’t! Normally I recommend that runners do their long runs anywhere from 30 to 90 or more seconds per mile slower than their marathon pace. This is very important, particularly for advanced runners who do speedwork during the week. The physiological benefits kick in around 90-120 minutes, no matter how fast you run. You’ll burn a few calories and trigger glycogen regenesis, teaching your muscles to conserve fuel. Running too fast defeats this purpose and may unnecessarily tear down your muscles, compromising not only your midweek workouts, but the following week’s long run. Save your fast running for the marathon itself. There are plenty of days during the rest of the week, when you can run fast. So simply do your long runs at a comfortable pace, one that allows you to converse with your training partners, at least during the beginning of the run. (Source)

Hal Higdon is the man.

Save those quick feet for that speed work and tempo style running during the week. Your body will definitely thank you.

Do you have a go to move for your core?
Usually it’s planks/side planks but since I’m a.d.d. I like to mix it up.

Are you a multitasker?

13 thoughts on “Multitasking, Long Runs and Russian Twists.

  1. I recognized that quote right away because I was just reading up on Hal Higdon training programs. .

    Core work is my weakness. I may check out the Russian Twist will the medicine balls at the Y.

  2. Love the russian twist…and hal higdon for that matter! I am so close to being able to start running again and I can’t wait. Training for NYC starts in one month!!

  3. I definitely agree with Hal on that quote, and actually on pretty much everything he suggests 🙂
    I have been reading up on the Hanson method lately too, and they suggest a lot of awl running. It definitely has its place in a solid training plan.
    My go to core move is hanging knees to elbows. A couple sets of those and my core is on fire! For days 🙂
    Nice 4 miler, though! You rule!

  4. I’m a multitasked far more than I really want to be!!
    I do Russian twists but they aren’t my favorite – they make me sort of dizzy!!!

  5. Hey!!! Great job on your workouts!!! I love ab work and my favorite ab stuff lately has been leg lifts and hanging abs!!! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!! XOXO!!

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