Have Some Fun With It.

Well it is treadmill Tuesday around these parts. 5 mile run this morning at an 8 something pace while I rocked out to some Lil Jon…turn down for what.


After the run I bounced on over to hit up some weights. Move of the day – deadlifts with some dumbbell rows. Good stuff.

I am getting pretty pumped up for this race on Friday. The ‘I haven’t done a race in a while’ itch has started and I need to go fulfill it. Spoken just like an addict.

Me and my girl Malaika are going to run this race and I bought us matching sunglasses. I have a blue flag top and red shoes to go along with it. Of course it’s a holiday race so I really want to dress up and have some fun with it.


I may even go to Party City today and see if I can find some more accessories. They do have some cool stuff at Wal-Mart if anyone needs some holiday swag. The sunglasses I purchased there for like a dollar something each.

Is anyone running a 4th of July race? Are you dressing up?

11 thoughts on “Have Some Fun With It.

  1. For some reason your posts aren’t showing up on my WordPress reader. I am glad I went directly to your site. I will be attending my sisters get together. I probably wont dress up due to my new roundness!

  2. I’m doing the 6 mile run around our lake on Friday – I haven’t decided if I will race it all out or just run it. No costume probably (I will probably end up racing hard).

  3. Love it!!! You’re going to do awesome in your 4th of July race! I’m not doing any 4th of July races, but the 24th of July is a BIG state holiday here, so I’m doing a 5k that day.

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