Faves a Day Early.

Last night after teaching spin a girlfriend and I had dinner and went over to a new hot spot in Uptown Dallas. As always we have Yelp to thank for discovering fun places in the area. It was a beautiful house/historical landmark that they turned into a swanky lounge which was pretty cool. We were especially loving this swing on the porch. All we needed was some sweet tea and we’d be in business.


Well since I have the next few days off I figured we’d hop right on over to my favorites this week! Without further ado…

-Scoring a sweet Living Social deal to the Spa Castle. Hello hot saunas and relaxation. I even got H.M.F. to buy a pass. Can’t wait to put them to good use.



-I am loving coconut medjool dates at the moment. I know they look interesting but they really to make a yummy sweet treat/dessert.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 8.28.49 AM

-Even though it’s 10 thousand degrees outside I still love me some candles. I’ve given up my Bath and Body Works addiction for Wal-Mart ones. They smell just as good and your wallet will thank you.


The 13 Commandments of Instagram. Haha…pretty sure I’ve broken several of these more than once.

-Signing up for this race. It’s not til next year but I’ve gotta start planning my 2015 race calendar early. Plus I just love the all the girly stuff you get at the finish line.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 8.31.55 AM

Look at all of these perks…let me know if you want to join.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 8.32.23 AM

What’s on tap for your weekend? Do you have any races set for 2015 yet?

16 thoughts on “Faves a Day Early.

  1. I love the sound of that race! It would be so much fun to do with a couple girlfriends 🙂
    I also love a bar/restaurant that use to be something else…like a house or library – gives it such a cool feel.

  2. Hey!!! I hope you’re having a wonderful week!! Happy 4th of July!!! XOXO!!! I love candles soooo much!! Ohhh hello cool spa!!! Beautiful!! What a great deal!!

  3. You girls look so happy and adorable! Hope you are having a fantastic weekend. I’ve burned myself too many times signing up for races early (I’m pretty accident prone,) so I’m trying to control myself for now… We will see how long that lasts though 🙂

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