15 Miles and It’s Still Texas, Ya’ll…Wknd Recap.

Hi there! Happy Monday. This day is already shaping up to be a crazy one work wise. At least I got a nice spin session in with the crew this morning. That always takes the edge off.

Let’s recap the weekend, shall we? Friday and Saturday…oh man, the weather was so nice. Much cooler in the mornings than usual. 75 percent humidity but it was all good. It still made for an awesome 15 mile run Saturday morning.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.03.35 AM

I kept a pretty good (for me) pace considering how much I tend to slow down in the summer on these longer runs. Very thankful for that.


Don’t get it twisted though. It’s not like I live in San Diego or anything. It’s still Texas, ya’ll. It’s still hot and humid as I don’t know what. Mother nature was just nice to us that day. At least it will be in the 70s in the mornings so I’ll just have to get up and bust it out this week.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.07.55 AM

I took it easy for the remainder of the weekend. Got a pedicure, went to my baby cousin’s birthday party, chilled with my mama, Saturday night church. The next morning it was a 10K Sunday funday runday…recovery run. IMG_20140720_104717 Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.09.27 AM

I had brunch and got to catch up a little bit with my girl Jackie. We went to Taco Diner and had some of this deliciousness – the Los Cabos salad.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.11.03 AM

Oh and then I had a massage and bought myself some shiny blue aviators. How fun are these? I stumbled upon them doing some window shopping. Great for summer.


How was your weekend? What are you looking forward to the most this week?

20 thoughts on “15 Miles and It’s Still Texas, Ya’ll…Wknd Recap.

  1. 15 miles in the Texas heat — you’re a dynamo, lady! my wknd was fab, thanks — Jersey Shore w/ the girls. any beach weekends with my friends are always the best. this week: looking forward to being in our new office (woot!), SLEEPING, running, and catching up w/ friends…all before another beach wknd arrives. 🙂

  2. I seriously don’t know how you can do those long runs in the Texas heat. Seriously. I’d probably just sit down and cry after a few miles. Maybe I just need to come train with you. 😉 I LOVE the new sunglasses! They look great on you. Also, will you be my personal shopper? 🙂

  3. Gorgeous picture of you in your new sunglasses!!!
    I do not miss the TX heat – first time I’ve ever uttered those words but it’s true!

  4. Fantastic runs this weekend. It’s like death murder hot way up north here in PA, I can’t imagine how you texans can function, let alone run as I’m sure it’s a million times worse!
    Love the aviators… That’s my personal favorite sunglass style. Happy Monday!

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