14 Miles, Salsa and Kicking Back…Wknd Recap.

Happy Monday! Are we all awake yet? This T-Rex came after me this morning and woke me up to teach spin class…haha it wasn’t so bad after I got up and running though. Always a great way to start the work week.


The class was awesome and torched lots of calories as usual. Love my early bird crew.

This past weekend was a little cutback in miles as far as marathon training goes. Friday I did a little carb loading and wine sipping at this new tapas joint with my girl Natalie. Only 1 glass of wine though…I was a good girl.


The next morning I hit the roads. This 26.2 is now in 2 months. MAN is this summer flying by! 3 weeks left til The Hottest Half. Then I am going to start building up to 20 milers. Fun fun. I did 14 easy miles early Saturday. It was ridiculously humid and hot as usual. Oy.



After the run it was lots of foam rolling and compression sock-ing.


And some walking around and scoping out the local weekend farmer’s market.


Then some kicking back on the patio with iced coffees and good conversation with my girl Angela.


Followed that up with margaritas and salsa dancing with a hottie at Gloria’s that night.


Sunday was a legit rest day. I really needed it! Rest day and vietnamese pho for an easy low key Sunday.


What did you do this weekend? Anyone have a marathon or a big race coming up? Have you ever tried PHO?

20 thoughts on “14 Miles, Salsa and Kicking Back…Wknd Recap.

  1. Sounds like a fantastic wknd!! No big race coming up for me… just a 10K in September, but I’m pretty excited about it. Plus, the hubby is gearing up for the Chicago marathon in October – Yay! …and I may have been thinking/planning to do my first marathon in about 2 years, in Paris! #GoBIGorGoHome 😉 We shall see… I’ve got lots of saving to do! Lol!

  2. This post just reiterates how similar we are! Literally alllll these things sound amazing! Run, margaritas, salsa dancing, compression socks, farmer’s market, iced coffee…good lord. If I ever visit the Dallas area again we are hanging out, no questions asked!

  3. Where’s your favorite pho place? Pho is one of my absolute FAVORITE foods. I’ve been liking Dalat in Knox Henderson lately, because they offer an option for cabbage instead of noodles ot make it low carb/healthier.

    • Well hello Laura! Welcome back 😉 I go to Pho Chateau in Irving. Also Pho Duy in Euless near my job. I don’t think I’d drive all the way to Uptown or anywhere in Dallas if I wasn’t already in the area for pho due to laziness. lol Cabbage pho sounds kind of interesting tho. I’ll look into it!

  4. nice job on the 14 miler! i’m struggling to run over 10 these days. head just isn’t in it. supposed to do a full in October BUT i’ve decided to NAHT stress it and just see how i feel about training. if i want to run it, cool. if not, well, my Fri nights can be more fun than my Sat ams. 🙂 never had Pho and pretty sure it’s not my style, but salsa dancing sure is! 🙂

  5. Looks like you had a great weekend! One of the things I miss about living in the South is good okra–looks like your farmer’s market had some great okra! You’re making me feel guilty for slacking on foam rolling…maybe I should go do that. 🙂

  6. We actually spent some time with some great friends that live in the Dallas area but are from Kansas this weekend – so fun to catch up with old friends – lots of laughs!!!

  7. Your weekends always sound so much fun!! I think I’m going to quit my job and come live with you. I’m just kidding. I think.
    Glad you enjoyed! You definitely earned that for real rest day!

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