Hot Run, Hot Music, Hot Yoga…Wknd Recap.

Hey there! This morning I taught a rockin’ hour long spin session. We worked on speed and intensity for most of the class. By the way, this is a great song for some speedster hills. From the new Ninja Turtles soundtrack. Haha.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? I definitely did. Ahh summer…it’s hot but I am loving me some summer weekends lately.

And it was really a hot one. Saturday I had a long run in the heat. Thankfully it was only 12 miles since I’m incorporating a mini taper into my training. 2 weeks til I get to rock this race.


Picturesque sunrises make everything better.

After the run I had a nap, then a lunch/coffee date, then a dinner/wine date. And we hit up some live cajun music at The Free Man. This girl was rocking the mic.

Sunday was a little bit of a funday as I tried something new. Most of you know I’m a vinyasa/power yoga kind of gal. Well my friend has introduced me to Bikram Yoga Dallas and we have signed up for the month long Groupon. 26 poses, 90 minutes, 105 degrees, 40 percent humidity. Basically like doing yoga outside in the summer here in Texas.




Not going to lie, it was HARD but I never left the class…I chugged my water with Emergen-C in it and then after I guzzled water AND coconut water like no one’s business. Talk about a sweaty mess too. I enjoyed trying out a new experience though. I don’t think I’ll ever permanently drink the Bikram kool aid though. But I’m definitely using up this Groupon.

How was your weekend?

8 thoughts on “Hot Run, Hot Music, Hot Yoga…Wknd Recap.

  1. I’ve never done Bikram, but I use to do hot vinyasa a couple times a week in NYC. The room is the same temp as a Bikram studio, but you are just doing a regular vinyasa class.

  2. Yeah, Bikram’s not really for me, either. I like how the poses in vinyasa classes change between classes so you’re not doing exactly the same thing every time you go to the studio. My weekend was good–lots of working, but have to make money somehow! 🙂

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