18 Miles, Staycation and Wknd Recap.

I am coming off of the high of a 4 day weekend. Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day!

Oh my…how do I recap 4 nonstop days of fun? Of course there was lots of running and playing in the sun involved. Lots of pool time and enjoying summer nights for the last few days of the season.


Well…on Friday I took the day off from work. So I took advantage of it and went on over to the Onyx Nail Bar in Uptown Dallas to get my nails did. This place was seriously awesome. They had a REAL bar in the back, whipping up cocktails while others were doing manis and pedis. They allowed you a drink for free which was pretty cool. I had an orange martini and it was marvelous.


After that I did a little window shopping in the Bishop Arts District. It’s a gentrified area of Oak Cliff where they have all of these new restaurants and boutiques.


Saturday I was up early to knock out a training run. 18 miles in the heat. This is the most mileage I’ve done since the beginning of the year! It was a good run for sure. Working my way up to 20.


That night after a nice nap I went to a Yelp event in downtown. I brought along my friend Camilia and we met Angela there. Cooling off with some wine infused ice pops. Talk about yummy and refreshing.


As always the Yelp team does amazing and always gives the Elite yelpers lots of cool treats. Check out my swag bag.


Sunday I went out dancing to this cool spot in Addison. Look at this dude dancing all by his lonesome. He was seriously getting down.

The next day I slept in until about 11…and it was lovely. Then I met my neighbor Camillia for a run at the local park. She did 7 miles for the very first time! She’s training for a half marathon at the end of the year so she’s trying to get her miles up. So proud of her…she definitely rocked it and in the heat no less!


Monday night I did a little grocery shopping and picked up these Cotton Candy grapes from Sprouts. And I am not kidding you they really have a hint of cotton candy taste! It’s crazy. I am wondering how the heck that is even possible but they are so freaking good.


How was your weekend? Did you go out of town, staycation or do anything out of the ordinary?

26 thoughts on “18 Miles, Staycation and Wknd Recap.

  1. I remember when those cotton candy grapes first came out and everyone freaked out haha. Glad to see they weren’t just a fad and maybe I’ll stumble upon them one day 🙂 I love that you got your nails done and got to drink a martini. That’s pretty much the definition of fabulous hahaha. Also you’re really making me want to start Yelping more. There’s no downside!

  2. Cotton candy grapes!!! Wow!! That’s pretty cool!! Also, it sounds like you had a fun, fabulous few days!! Very neat nail place and way to go on your 18 mile run!! You always rock your runs and have a great attitude about it!! Love it!! XOXO!!

  3. Nice job on the 18 miler….I am working my way up in mileage too and just praying i don’t get injured. Looks like a great long weekend for you 🙂 We had friends in town, so it was a good time showing them around.

  4. So much fun!!! I love that first pic of the pool and the lights. I’m so jealous!!! And great job on your 18 miler and um, other runs too!!! I have not had any type of motivation to put the kiddos in the jogger. UGH. I need to get back to it.

    So when’s the next long weekend? Thanksgiving? NOOOO…

  5. Wait, you got up at 11 and then ran? In Texas? In late summer? You can run through anything! That nail bar sounds amazing! I could totally go for a mani/martini combo. 🙂 My weekend was pretty boring–LOTS of working! Glad to have today off to recuperate a bit!!

  6. You must really be adjusted to the heat by now. Do you carry those little water bottles in a waist belt to stay hydrated? There’s nothing like going for a little pampering with a delicious cocktail in hand.

    • I have a handheld…the fuel belts have never worked for me. And I always run in parks with water fountains. The less junk I have on me the better. But I have friends that love fuel belts and if you are just starting out running distance they are an excellent choice.

  7. Girl you ran in the middle of the day?! I tried to get out Saturday at about 10:30am and only made it 4 miles before I just went to the gym to finish up. If you can run in this heat you can handle any conditions! Oh and I love the Bishop Arts District!! ps good job on your 18!

  8. Wow – great job on those runs!!!
    I can’t imagine cotton candy grapes – gonna see if I can find any!!
    I’ve never had an orange martini – might have to try one.

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