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14 Miles, 58 Degrees and Wknd Recap.

How the heck are ya? Happy Monday! I got things started this morning with an early morning spin class. I love teaching my Monday morning peeps. We always have a good time even if we are half awake.

The weekend was pretty wonderful I must say. It always goes too fast, of course. But Saturday I had a long run on tap – 14 miles in the ‘hood. Can we talk about how awesome this weather is? 58 degrees. Too bad it didn’t stay around because temps are back to the 80s and 90s this week…

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.20.59 AM

BUT…that cold front was lovely while it lasted.


A few more snapshots from the weekend. I had a mother daughter lunch date and got to catch up with mama. It had been a hot minute since we have seen each other so much needed quality time.


Then…Grapefest in Grapevine. The annual fall wine festival did not disappoint. Local vino and fun for all. Cheers.





How fun are these coasters? The vendor actually takes photos of hot spots in major Texas cities like Dallas, San Antonio and Austin and puts them on coasters. So freaking cool.


Sunday I ran an easy 5 miles in my neon green compression socks. Temps were great but a little bit warmer on Sunday, back in the 70s. But it felt good to shake out the legs.


I also made a little salmon with organic kale from Whole Foods. This one was stuffed with feta and spinach. Super delicious.


Oh and I also did some yoga with this video. Check it out…it’s a wonderful little detox flow after a fun night out.

How was your weekend? Did you hit up any outdoor festivals?

19 thoughts on “14 Miles, 58 Degrees and Wknd Recap.”

    1. The Whole Foods I went to sells them like that in the fresh fish dept but I imagine you can duplicate the dish by just putting feta and spinach on top of salmon! I added fresh lemon, garlic and a sprinkle of olive oil as well before I cooked it in the oven.

  1. 58 annnnnd 70 degree temps ummm I thinking I’m officially hatin’ on you now hahaha just sayin’ joking aside I’m super happy you got a dose of cooler weather. Maybe some will cone this way soon. Nice job with the 14 miler and that salmon looks amazing!!! You shoulda sent me some lol haha #nomnomnom

  2. Wonderful job on your LR!!! Are you excited about the upcoming marathon? How many more weeks? Is it 6 weeks? I forget if it’s a week before NYC. Eek.

    1. MCM is October 26th. Next 20 miler is this wknd. Good luck w NYC!! If you do another one within a 90 day period that will make 3 and you can join me in the ranks of Marathon Maniacs. Just something to think about. 😉

  3. Well now I need to recreate that salmon! Yum! Or just go get it at WF haha I DO have a giftcard…so it’s justifiable 🙂 Awesome long run, as usual! Those coasters are amazing…I have to see if there’s a Chicago equivalent because that’s really, really cool

  4. Great pictures, awesome long run, and lovely weather!! Sounds like a fun weekend! Early spin class sounds sooo fun (well, if I had you as a teacher)!! Have a fabulous day and week!! XOXO!!

  5. That salmon looks awesome. Nice job on the run too. We are having the same temps here in Denver…I was so excited for fall last week and now it feels like summer again.

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