Kiwi Berries, 20 Miles, and Wknd Recap.

Why hello there! Hope you’re enjoying your Monday. Mine started off pretty early spinning my wheels teaching an hour of cycle. We did lots of steep hill climbs and woke up those legs. Always a good feeling.

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty peachy…some relaxation mixed with a little bit of fun. 20 miles of fun, in fact. Check out this gorgeous view.


I was going to run the Balloon Festival Half this weekend but decided about a week ago I would rather save money…and I also needed to get another full 20 miles in. I really don’t like having to break up my run either so that worked out in my favor.


As always I’m always going over the mile marker. It has become an obsession. 20.20 seemed to be fitting for the distance. This turned out to be a good run and a bit faster than the last 20.

Plus I managed to get a self-timer shot in. This is what you do when you are running mostly solo for 3 hours. You entertain yourself.


Camillia joined me for a bit and got her 9 miles in…the longest run she’s ever done! She’s training for a half and totally rocking those miles!


After the run, I rested up…watched a little bit of Saturday night online church then me and Camillia went to Oktoberfest in Addison.


It was fun but lots of beer and folks dressed up all German style. I really don’t drink beer so I just walked around and did a little shopping while drinking wine.

We enjoyed painting the town red for a bit. A friend likes to call us Salt n Pepa…haha can you guess which one I am? We make a dynamic duo…2 single gals mixing and mingling.


Sunday was real chill like. I slept in way past my normal wake up time then in order to beat the heat I hit up the gym to lift and run on the treadmill. It was a complete ghost town in there.


So I blasted my music and busted out 6 miles. I was surprised how fresh and spunky my legs felt.


Did a little grocery shopping then I discovered these kiwi berries at the store.


They are like mini kiwi grapes. Party in my mouth.


And I made eggplant pizzas for the first time. Recipe to follow. Wow, these were totally delicious! They tasted a little bit like eggplant parmesan. Watch out, Lil Caesars.


Oh, and I got in over 50 miles of running last week! I know I’m tooting my own horn but…toot toot. So that’s something stellar to celebrate. I’ll drink to that.

How was your weekend?

19 thoughts on “Kiwi Berries, 20 Miles, and Wknd Recap.

  1. You definitely had an amazing weekend!! I love eggplant parmesan, so that pizza looks delicious!! My mouth is watering! Chic looking gym!! I love it! Great job on your runs and you look amazing in all of your pictures!! Beautiful pictures!! XOXO!! Happy Monday!!

  2. Girl you SHOULD toot your own horn!!! Especially with the AMAZING freaking week you had. TOOT TOOT. I had to reschedule my 20 for next weekend. I’m bummed that it turned out that way, but I guess by the NYC comes around I should have had at least three 20 milers and a 26.2 — so I should be okay, right? Ugh. I hope so.

    ❤ that you ran a marathon between Sat. and Sun. 🙂 Have a wonderful Monday.

  3. Kiwi berries … where do you keep finding these food finds? Way to rock that 20 miler like a boss. For my weekend it was part depressing / part awesome sauce Saturday was my rest day but I spent part of it watching my Gators get spanked by Alabama 😦 Then Sunday morning I had race course training run #4 annnnnnd my Cowboys came from 21 points down for the win … HOLLA lol 🙂

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