Spa Event, Last Big Run and Wknd Recap.

Hey hey! I don’t know about you but it’s definitely coffee o’clock around these parts. I taught a fun spin class this morning and we did some speedy intervals to this jam. Way to wake the legs up and get the week cranked up.


My weekend was packed with wall to wall excitement. First we started things off at a Yelp event. I have been a Yelp member for a few years now so we get invited to all of this cool stuff. Friday there was a relaxing spa event on the terrace of The Worthington Hotel in downtown Fort Worth. Chillax music, chair massages, hand scrub. The works.



Love the community manager Kendall. She definitely showed us a good time!



Saturday I was up for my LAST BIG run before the marathon! 10 miles all smiles. With my Marine Corps shirt from 2011.

6 days til game time! I’ve gotta start packing and getting ready for my trip to Washington D.C.


That night I did church and then went out with the girls and we had pizza, wine and good conversation.


Sunday I had brunch with my mama at Chino Chinatown! My friend Uno is the chef and owner…I am addicted to the cuisine at this place. Mama and I had chicken lollipops, elotes and their amazing rice with egg on top.


I especially loved this sign. I have to say the free ice was delicious.


Me and mama also did a little window shopping at the Bishop Arts District. It was a gorgeous afternoon just perfect for cruising around!


I also picked up a few things at Sprouts including some purple sweet potatoes and pumpkin spice salsa. Yum yum! Lots of good finds there.


How was your weekend? Have you found any fall foods/finds at the stores lately?

15 thoughts on “Spa Event, Last Big Run and Wknd Recap.

  1. What a fun weekend! Hope you’re all recharged and ready to rock DC! It’s been coffee o’clock here for the last 4 hours. Definitely well aware that it’s Monday.
    I need to steal that free ice idea for the bar – it’s cute!

  2. Great events and great pics!! You always look so gorgeous!! Beautiful smile! Love that sign!! Too funny!! Purple sweet potatoes? Wow, sounds yum! Have a great week!! Yaaay…6 days to go!! You’re going to rock your marathon! xoxo

  3. Sounds like a great weekend for sure!!
    I don’t totally get the Yelp thing. I belong to Yelp for our business but I know that I way under utilize it!

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