Confession Session, Part 2.

-I have been enjoying some pumpkin spice coffee over here courtesy of 7-eleven. Dare I say it tastes better than Starbucks and not only that, it’s much cheaper. I like to mix it with the Colombian roast. Tasty stuff.


-Still loving this Victoria’s Secret scent and it’s from the summertime. My friend got it for me for my birthday. Makes me feel like I’m still chillin poolside.


-Lots of yoga and massage stuff going on during this cutback/taper week leading up to Sunday’s marathon. By the way if I could hire a massage therapist to come over to my house every day and rub me down I would. No lie.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 10.32.02 AM

-Obsessed with all things New Jersey housewives. I cannot take my eyes away from my tv screen. Especially with all of this legal stuff going on.

And yes Teresa…you do need to learn how to blow out your own hair. It has saved my life many times.

-I do not have cable tv right now by the way. I’m saving a whole heck of a lot of money. Plus I’ve been cutting corners and finding ALL of my Bravo shows online. FOR FREE. It’s awesome. No I do not regret it one bit.

-On the topic of not having a tv is the fact that I’ve been getting out of the house a LOT more. Hanging with good friends and yes…going on a few DATES with man friends. Being wined and dined is great fun.

Maybe just a little.

-I am without a doubt a last minute packer…leaving for DC early Saturday and I have not thought about not one item I’m going to be bringing with me. I’ll be gone for a week by the way. Definitely time to start at least getting the suitcase out.

-I have been eating a lot of bananas…yum yum good stuff. Which reminds me of this…best marathon shirt ever.


By the way you can read part one of this little confession session here.

What do you have to confess today?

26 thoughts on “Confession Session, Part 2.

  1. My brother’s girlfriend has taken videos of when she’s seen The Jersey Shore cast a few years ago. She’s originally from CA. Yes, that’s what we have here in Jersey. The Jersey Shore and New Jersey Housewives. HAHAAH. Oh and Jug Handles. You need to sign up for NYC lottery next year and run it so we can meet. Unfortunately, with everything going on with me, I can’t come to DC to cheer you on, so I will be cheering you on virtually. Love ya. And that tank too…

  2. Yaaay!! Going on dates!! Love it!! You’re gorgeous and deserve nothing but the best!! Love that you’re being wined and dined!! You deserve it all!! Housewives of New Jersey…yes yes yes!! I’m with ya on that!! Also, love that banana shirt! Just so cute! Have a great week! xoxo

  3. Awesome shirt. And who doesn’t love saving a little cash on their cup of morning joe??

    I am NOT a Housewives fan (big surprise, right?), but my confession is that I LOVE RHONJ…I affectionately call it Bitches Be Crazy 🙂

  4. I confess that I forgot my breast shield and bottles for work AGAIN!!!! I will get it together. Housewives is so juicy! I’m ready for Shahs! My cable is not negotiable it is built into my rent so no penny pinching here.

  5. I’m laughing so hard at that banana shirt. I hadn’t thought about it til just now, but you’re right that’s a little hilarious how much time/$ you put into races and you just get a banana at the end haha. I had no idea that 7-11 had PS coffee! Thanks for the info! Also, fun fact: I’ve never had cable! My parents never thought it was worth spending money on. I had it in college for the year I had my own apartment and it was like heaven being able to watch Food Network and Bravo anytime I wanted.

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