My 11th 26.2 – Marine Corps Marathon Recap.

Wowzers…it has been way too long since I’ve been in the blogosphere. You’ll have to excuse me while I come down from the high of a week long vacation. I was back in the saddle this morning teaching spin and rocking it with my a.m. crew.


And hello, brand new spin bikes! As an instructor, that definitely made me happy to walk in and see these. It was like I was a kid on Christmas morning.

Let’s backtrack to last week! I ran the Marine Corps Marathon…my 11th 26.2. I will keep it brief and do a mini recap here. On Saturday I flew into the BWI Airport via Southwest Airlines. They are the best.


I met up with my BFF Nicole who was so gracious to take me to the expo to get my race swag. I took a pic with some hot Marines and was on my merry way.


We had dinner then I laid out my race number and camo headband. I figured it would go along with the occasion.


Race morning, I was up and lined up to the start. I kind of took my time, slept in a bit and moseyed on over since I was so close to the runner’s village. Check out these guys skydiving to the start line. Awesomeness.






We took off and I was ready to go. The temps were warm and pretty humid (upper 60s) for D.C. in October. I’ll have to admit I was kind of wanting the weather to be MUCH cooler (when I PR’d this course temps were in the 30s!!) Not only that but I had forgotten that MCM was dang hilly! I regretted the fact that I hadn’t done enough hill training. This course kind of beats my body up. So I held back my pace in the first half, trying to just enjoy the ride. I decided somewhere in the first few miles that I wanted to enjoy this course and actually remember things along my 26.2 journey. Many times when I am racing hard I just don’t take in my surroundings. So I took photos, and relaxed into a groove.






I also got to see the famous Runner’s World guru Bart Yasso around mile 10. We snapped a pic and I thanked him for being out there to encourage all of the runners!




The sun was beating down on me for most of this run and just kind of made me slow down. I pushed through some issues in the back half and kept running when I really wanted to stop and walk – and honestly just scrap the whole thing. I was proud of myself for NOT giving up and giving into crazy thoughts in that crazy head of mine!


One of my goals was to finish this race under 5 hours and I did what I said I was going to do. 4:50 finish. 11th full marathon done…my 4th full 26.2 so far this year, as a MARATHON MANIAC!! 




I have to say this is the best looking MCM medal yet. I am definitely planning on doing this one next year. Even though it wasn’t my record time, it will always be my favorite race and I’ll always be proud to be a marathon finisher no matter the outcome. My next planned race is in a few months and it is a 50K (A little over 31 miles). Your girl will officially be an ULTRA-marathoner!!

After the race I met up with my friends and we got some photos! They were awesome volunteers passing out water and I actually got to see them along the course.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 9.31.47 AM

We celebrated after getting washed up with some vino and cheese. Cheers!


I will recap the rest of my week long vacation, including a review of the famous SOULCYCLE tomorrow. Stay tuned!

How was your week last week? Did you do anything different or FUN? Who ran NYC or Marine Corps??

29 thoughts on “My 11th 26.2 – Marine Corps Marathon Recap.

  1. 11th marathon!! girl, you’re amazing. i’ve only done one so far and was injured when i was supposed to do my second, so 11 seems like such an incredibly intangible goal, and you’re inspiring me! love the sentiment that you’ll always be a proud marathoner no matter the outcome. such great positivity! my wknd was great — upstate w/ the fam and boy for the bro’s 30th. relaxing, fun, perfect.

  2. Congrats on your fantastic time. You should be so proud of yourself. I hear that course is pretty wicked! Nice recap, and it looks like you had a blast 🙂 That’s what it’s all about!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS girl. I was keeping up with your pics on IG and it looked like you had such a fabulous time. And YAY on new spin bikes. that is awesome!!!! I am so excited for your ultra that is coming up in March. You’ll do AWESOME!!!

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