SoulCycle, ArtJamz and Post Race Vacation Recap.

Thank you all for the CONGRATS and sweet words yesterday! I am definitely feeling good after last week’s marathon. Recovery has gone well and I’ve been able to pretty much get back into the groove after my race. By the way, this was without a doubt the best sign out on the course.


Of course some sushi, wine and good times with friends certainly helps with the whole recovery scenario.


The first couple of days after the race were very relaxing. I got to hang with my girl Nicole who actually lives in the Maryland area right outside of DC. We went to college together and she is like a sister to me.


On Monday afternoon we went to the Smithsonian Zoo. I love that this zoo is FREE…it is simply gorgeous and so scenic especially in the fall! If you have not been I definitely recommend you check it out. Lions, tigers, and pandas, oh my.


The next day we had more chillax time then had Mexican food at Cactus Cantina! Margaritas for everyone.


Wednesday…Nicole and I reserved some bikes for SoulCycle! I have to tell ya I was super stoked to check out this boutique spin studio. We went to Abby’s 9:30 am class.


Rockin’ music…pretty yellow bikes, and lots of speedy sprints up hills! It was fun and she definitely kept the groove going with nonstop drills. We crushed what felt like a zillion calories in those 45 minutes. As a spin instructor myself, it was also fun to go to someone else’s class for ideas. I definitely came away from there with lots of cool things to try. If you are in the DC area without a doubt check out the classes and you can go online and see all of the instructors, and even what music they play! The first class is $20 then after that it’s 30 buckaroos a pop. If I was ballin’ out of control I’d for sure sign up. There’s no real membership but you can buy classes by the bundle. Overall it’s a fabulous cardio workout and there is a portion of the class where you use light hand weights so you kind of get some strength training in too. I could see how someone could get addicted to it!

That night we met up with some more of our friends at ArtJamz. We purchased a Groupon which worked out well. It’s very similar to a paint party where you sip wine expect they actually have a bar where you purchase drinks, and you are able to freely just paint whatever you want. They have all sorts of colors and even stencils where you can create stuff. We had fun painting the night away.


I decided to go for a painting with fall leaves. Seeing all of the pretty leaves in Maryland definitely inspired me.


Then me, Nicole and my friend Aditi (who I have known since middle school…she moved to DC a few years back then got married) went and got pedicures at the Mimosa Salon. Again, another spot you must check out. They live up to their name…bottomless mimosas/champagne while you get your nails or feet did. They are walking distance from ArtJamz AND they are open until 11 pm on weeknights. Say what?


That following weekend was Nicole’s 30th birthday weekend. So we drove down to our old alma mater in Virginia for college homecoming. We were greeted with a warm welcome.


We hung out around campus and reminisced on all of the memories…it was for sure a good time.

Saturday night we did more celebrating and Crystal (my very first roommate in college…we were some wild Freshman) came down to stay with us in the hotel. We hung out at Bar Louie and had some yummy food and drink. Love these ladies.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.14.37 AM


We also did a little shopping during the day…and played dress up. Seriously contemplated on getting these blinged out masks.


Oh and I also did some post marathon running! This was actually in Maryland but man were those leaves gorgeous.



Have you ever been to a paint party?! Ever been to SoulCycle (I am jealous if you have one nearby! They need to bring ‘em to Texas!!)

19 thoughts on “SoulCycle, ArtJamz and Post Race Vacation Recap.

  1. This sounds like the best vaca ever! I miss city life sometimes – crazy concepts and everything open late night on weekdays, plus amazing food and drinks… I miss that. I also need a credit card with no spending limit and a serious sugar daddy, though if that’s going to be a reality 🙂 Thanks for sharing all your fun with us. Every time I read your blog, though, I have an irrepressible urge to just bite the bullet and make the hour long adventure to go get sushi!!

    • hahaha and YASSS I feel you on the sugar daddy and credit card situation!! I spent so much money on my vacation last week and I think partly because I felt so good after that race we ran around and did more stuff than we usually do when I go up there for that race! It was so worth it though 🙂

      • It is 100% worth it to ball out every once in awhile. Trust me, I already have my Pittsburgh Christmas adventure planned and I probably should start looking for a personal loan right about now 🙂

  2. Looks like you had an amazing race-cation. I’m so glad to hear you’re recovering well and back to normal. YAY!!!! I’ve never been to an actual “paint party” though I know there was one in Brooklyn where they had live reggae music playing. Now that’s the kind of paint party I would love to go to. 🙂

    • Oh yeah! I need to make it to New York…maybe next year when I go run MCM we will do a road trip there! I can’t believe how close DC is to NY…in Texas driving everywhere is like going to another state!

    • It was totally fun! I was so excited to try it…I think it would be a GREAT environment to work in. Can’t wait until they start expanding–I’d definitely consider being an instructor there!!

  3. I have heard really good things about SoulCycle – maybe it will eventually spread around more of the country!
    Glad you had so much fun on vacation and got to spend time with good friends!!

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