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A Typical Day.

I thought I’d do a post today on what a typical day looks like for me as far as how I eat. I’ve gotten a couple of questions on how I properly fuel my body for teaching spin, running and etc.

For instance…this is my ‘work’ schedule for the week, aside from my full time career. I’m teaching 5 spin classes total (usually I teach 3, but I’m helping out a friend subbing an extra 2)…and still trying to get in my own workouts which usually consist of- running, weights and yoga. Work hard, play hard.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.12.49 AM

First of all, I will just put it out there right now and say that I do not count calories. Or excessively weigh myself. I used to when I was losing weight (see my about me). I am no longer interested in serious weight loss, more like toning and maintaining what I have. Especially during the holidays! That doesn’t mean I give myself license to eat like a truck driver. I have a rough estimate in my mind of how many calories I do eat a day, but that does vary and change from day to day depending on my activity level. Obviously, when I am in the thick of marathon training…I do take in more calories.

As most of you know who have been reading for a while…I enjoy running and racing year round. Right now…I’m in somewhat of an off season before I ramp back up in December to train for my 50K.

Anyway…here is what a typical day would look like for me in terms of meals.

-Breakfast- Usually…I will run/spin/workout in the mornings…so I think breakfast is a pretty crucial part of my day. In my opinion, it sets the standard on how the rest of the day will go. For me…I like to take in a good amount of protein and some complex carbs. I’ll either have some oats, boiled eggs (I usually eat 2), and a banana. Bananas are a staple in my diet. I kind of feel odd if I don’t have them in my grocery basket. Also coffee…I like it like I like my men…dark and smooth. Ha!

-Mid morning snack- Nuts, or maybe a piece of cheese. String cheese is my jam.

-Lunch- Usually chicken tortilla soup, those organic Amy’s meals, or a huge salad…I love having a big colorful salad. It keeps me the most full and gets me through the afternoon.


I also love avocado and will find an excuse to put it on any and everything. Gotta love those good fats.


-Mid afternoon snack- I usually will have a protein bar or a banana before I go to Bodypump or teach a spin class.

-Dinner- I’ve been experimenting lots in the kitchen lately. My favorite meal to eat is fish and I love salmon…I’ll marinate a salmon with lime, cilantro and a little bit of olive oil. I’ll have steamed veggies with that and probably some rice or quinoa pasta on the side. Recipe here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.22.27 AM

As far as carbs go…I la la LOVE carbs and I do not shun them. I think as an athlete carbs should be vital part of your diet. And not only that, I just feel better and have more energy when I eat them. I believe in wholesome, good for you complex carbs – such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice etc.

All things in moderation…that’s how I was able to lose roughly 50 pounds and keep it off for a number or years.

Don’t deprive yourself. MOVE YOUR BODY. Enjoy life, and have that glass of wine.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.23.17 AM

What does a typical day of eats look like for you?

18 thoughts on “A Typical Day.”

  1. Love this post and especially love that you don’t count calories or weigh yourself excessively. I used to count all the time — I haven’t in over a year. I try to stay away from the scale and especially try not to weigh in front of Lili. I don’t want her to ever feel like weight is an issue. Especially the way middle school kids are these days… ugh.

    All things in moderation is the way I go too — sometime I over-moderate. LOL Uh, six slices of pizza, why the hell not? People are shocked that someone of my height can house that much pizza — and I am pretty sure I could win a pie eating contest… (pizza pie that is). One day. One day….

  2. Sounds like you have found a great balance! I count and track macros, but that’s what works for me right now. I look forward to the days when I won’t need to!

      1. Ha! Exactly. I am trying to gain some muscle (~5 lbs or so to add yet) at the moment as well as cutting bodyfat (~4% left to go since my last assessment), so I guess I fit the “bodybuilder” mold for now.

  3. Love your balanced approach to fuelling for your busy lifestyle. I think cutting carbs, constant stepping on the scale and under-fuelling can lead to a serious lack of energy and disappointment . My philosophy to eating is the same.

  4. Fun to see how you eat on a normal day.
    I usually don’t eat until lunch and then it is either left-overs or a big salad with lots of protein. There are days that I don’t eat until 3 or 4 and then I just snack on cheese and crackers and hold out till dinner. I consume the majority of my calories between 5:30ish and 8:00. I know it isn’t ideal but it works for me.

  5. This is SO helpful to read! I always wonder what fit people “typically” eat and what’s considered “normal.” I have my days I eat too much and probably my days I eat too little – it’s definitely all about the balance. But this is really great to see what a normal day is for someone else!

  6. HEY!! HOPE YOU’RE HAVING A GREAT WEEK!!! I love your breakdown. I do agree that carbs are essential for athletes. Also, LOVE your last sentence. So true!! Huge salads are the best for lunch and I love your salad pictured. Totally delicious!! You have such a well balanced diet. You’re amazing and so very beautiful!! XOXO

  7. Just poppin’ in to say that that salad looks Amazing! …and now I want a salad for lunch instead of the lentil soup I prepared. Hahaha! Great day in the life post & great balanced approach to weight/calories! I’ve never been overly obsessive about my weight, but post-pregnancy, I have weighed myself from time to time to track my progress. It’s amazing how once I started listening to my body more, and not overly obsessing about working out, that I’m finally starting to see those last few pounds go away though. So I totally agree!

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