Running in Chilly Temps and Making Lists.

Ahh yeah…my kind of running weather right here. 30 degrees this morning…I got in a few miles and the sun came out to play.


One of my favorite things is running in chilly temps then coming home to take a scalding hot shower. What can I say…I like extremes.

It’s no secret that I love making lists. Just a few things I’m into right now…

Eating / sweet potato turkey chili. I made another batch this week. It has been getting me through these cold nights.
Drinking / water…tea…and wine – with my compression socks on. Happiness.


Practicing / living in the moment…something I’m constantly working on.
Mastering / a few yoga poses–enjoying getting my groove on with the mat.

Learning / to not take life so seriously and to laugh at myself every chance I get.
Trying / to get my crockpot back out. I have a massive one. I’m already making lists of meals I want to make.
Playing / this song on repeat. We did some speedy intervals to it last night when I taught spin. It was wonderful.
Finishing / a bottle of water as we speak.
Reading / and discovering lots of great blogs lately.
Remembering / simpler times…well it is throwback Thursday so it would be appropriate to put a pic here of when I was a little one.

Wearing / all of the scarves. I need at least 8 more.
Cooking / warm and cozy dinners.
Working / on signing up for a Christmas/holiday race, can’t wait for the Jogger Egg Nogger. I run it every year.

Traveling / to many places this year…D.C., Virginia, Maryland, Puerto Rico, and California to name a few. Ahh Puerto Rico. Gotta get back there.
Wanting / a little fun and break from my work routine. Can’t wait for the weekend.

Is it chilly right now where you live?
What are you wearing/cooking/reading lately?

24 thoughts on “Running in Chilly Temps and Making Lists.

  1. Its just past 10am here in good ole Nebraska and a glass of red wine sounds just fine to me 🙂
    Being active during cold weather has always been a simple pleasure of mine. Either it be skiing, sledding, running biking – whatever … Coming home and warming up after makes it even better.

  2. We are going to finally see snow in the day or so..Not sure I am ready for this haha.
    I finally put on my winter jacket for the first time last night..It’s that time of the year. Where tights is a must as well as gloves and headlamp.

  3. Loving your TBT. I am bummed — it’s been a month with no running. I’m still letting my ankle heal. I don’t want to aggravate it and I know it’s not 100%. The only way I will run is if I feel no nagging twitches. Anyway, I LOVE WINTER RUNNING!!! So that’s what is bumming me out. I am just being patient for now.

    • Girl…I know how hard it is…been there. REST!! You are being so smart. I am so bummed when I can’t run but then when you come back so much stronger you’ll be thankful you took just a little time off.

  4. I saw the headlamp comment – check out knuckle lights, too. I like them much better than the headlamp.
    It has been in the teens and 20s the past couple of days – miserable!!! (I hate cold.)
    I’m perfectly happy to be in for the night and toasty in my sweats and fuzzy socks!

  5. First of all, just found your blog via another one (I love finding new blogs!) and I am loving your posts. I also love cold weather running. It feels somehow more freeing and more rewarding to me. Unfortunately, it’s been too icy out for me to go out this week so I have treadmilled it.

    Wearing/ sports bras, running shorts, and a cute baby strapped on
    Cooking/ black bean quinoa chili and this awesome shake :
    Reading/ anything and everything j can get my hands on. This week: Liane Moriarty’s “The Husband’s Secret”

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