10 Miles, BRRRR and Wknd Recap.

Hi there and Happy Monday! I’m attempting to stay warm over here sipping on a little bit of chai tea. It’s a brisk 28 degrees here in Dallas. BRRRR!!! I am one of those odd balls that actually loves it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 8.52.18 AM

I got started this morning teaching spin and then hitting up some weights. It felt good to pump some iron. We also did some speedy sprints to this mashup in spin cycle. Good stuff.

This past weekend was our first taste of some cold weather down in Texas! The leaves were just gorgeous…they are finally starting to turn. It’s about time.


I ran 10 miles on Saturday morning in about 40 degree weather. I layered up but it was actually sort of warm towards the end and had to take my gloves off. Then I sort of forgot I had to sub a spin class that same morning. Oopsie…so I hot tailed it over to the gym right after my run and thankfully had a playlist handy ready to go. I kind of love teaching a class right after a run because I’m all doped up on the runner’s high so my energy is extra crazy. Haha. It’s actually a pretty funny sight to see. Great brick workout overall.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 8.55.49 AM

Oh let’s back up a bit…Friday was fun too. I went to a Yelp event at this Science Museum with a cutie pie date and we roasted marshmallows. I even took a video.

Back to Saturday…that night I went to church then hopped on over to Pera Wine and Tapas for drinks and light bites with the gals.


Love my ladies…homegirls for life.


Sunday I was super lazy but I did get some grocery shopping in. I bought some raw broccoli and I have no idea why but I’ve been craving broccoli lately? As well as this greek yogurt dip I found to accompany it. Yum yum times a million.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.06.20 AM

Any new foodie finds/discoveries? What did you do this weekend?

33 thoughts on “10 Miles, BRRRR and Wknd Recap.

  1. Hey hey! I can’t believe how chilly it was there! It was almost the same temp up here in Boston – crazy! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend, I’m loving the marshmallow toasting video, now I’m craving a s’more big time. 🙂 Go you for bundling up and hitting the pavement despite the cold! 😀

  2. Still recovering here but cannot wait to get out and run. I might go test it out tonight or tomorrow bc I have a turkey trot (that I’ll do for fun) next Thursday and another one on Saturday. Ugh. I can’t wait to get back out there. It’s my favorite time to run.

    I’m also still looking for a good gym. Hopefully by Friday I will be somewhere!!! I need to get on it. I miss spinning.

    • I hope the test run goes well! As a matter of fact I know it will!! You have been so smart with recovery! I plan on doing my own turkey trot. I’ll probably run 15-20 miles or as long as I can before my family discovers that I’m missing. Bahahaha.

  3. OMG I would totally die if I tried to spin after a ten mile run! You are a beast!
    I too am really into this cold weather… although, get back to me in February. I will probably be ready for a tropical cruise at that point!

  4. 28 degrees?? what?! omg that’s colder than NYC! i had a fab wknd too (posting about it now!), highlight of which was spending time with one of my best friends cuddled up in her apartment for a full day and night. amazing how much girl time does for the soul.

      • haha your hoo-ha?? That used to happen to me when I first started going to spin a lot (and I think that’s what intimidates a lot of ladies from taking a cycle class) but it does get better!! I actually have my own cozy lil gel seat and that makes a huge difference in your bike fit and comfort.

  5. I am in a after the marathon depression! haha I’m not running as much due to it being dark when I go to work and afterwards…cold and I’m making excuses! haha I do get in a long run on Saturdays. I miss training…I can’t believe I’m saying that. 🙂

    • Aww I understand those feelings. The only way to solve it is to sign up for another race!! Yes it’s much easier to make excuses when it’s cold out. Find some friends to hold you accountable during the holiday season or join a run club in your area!! Speaking from personal experience that’s what gave me so much self motivation to continue to get my run on.

  6. I can’t believe you like running in the cold! I’m so impressed! This is my first winter to be a long-distance runner and I feel like my body is still adjusting… it was 26 degrees and snowing yesterday here in Tulsa! So, my problem during my 10-mile run on Saturday was that I felt like I couldn’t breathe after 8 miles because my lungs were freezing and then I couldn’t stop coughing even though I’m not even sick! Any suggestions?!? My first marathon is this Sunday!

  7. What a cozy post. It just made me want to sip wine by a fire with a nice quilt on my lap. You’re too cute with your red cup. I can tell you love the cold. You and my mom would get along great. She calls winter egg nog weather. Lol.

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