Running Wish List.

6 miles this morning to the tune of my favorite sunrise. Temps have warmed up just a bit and we should be hitting the 70s by tomorrow! I told you Texas weather was bipolar.


I thought I’d share some essential items for running that are on my Christmas wish list this year. It’s never too early to go holiday shopping, right? Granted I’m not quite ready to bust out the stockings, lights and tree but I do need to start thinking about gifts and such.

Runner Christmas ornaments
These are super cute! They have all kinds of fun designs. I especially love this one because it is so true.


-Compression socks
Simply because you can never have enough. I still need this pretty red to add to my collection. Right now you can save 40% off if you enter the code CYBER at checkout.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 10.42.49 AM

-Touch screen compatible gloves
I actually have already purchased a pair of these from Wal Mart but I could use a few more! They have all types of fun colors too. These grey ones go with everything. And you can still scroll and get to your favorite song on your phone during your run with these babies. Score.


-Nike running tights
These sure are fun. I love me some crazy pants.


The brisk run neck warmer from Lululemon. Plus it’s in the best shade ever, that would be pink of course.


-Nike dri fit long sleeved knit shirt
Just because thumb holes are the absolute best.


What’s on your running wish list this year?

19 thoughts on “Running Wish List.

  1. Sign me up for all of the above please!! 🙂 I’m a lulu and nike freak to the max, it’s truly an issue. Those ornaments are adorbs and great stocking stuffers! And I’m with you on the post-run compression socks. One of my friends does this, and I read that you are a huge fan too on one of your previous posts – I just had sleeves before but just ordered some socks! Loving it! 🙂

  2. I have nike tights and a dry fit shirt like that —- best investment ever! In fact, I’m about to put them on under my down coat and big ass sweatpants so I can try and brave this 14 degree weather. 70 degrees??? I’m jealous. I’m already the marshmallow man here in PA!

  3. These are all awesome stuff! I have a pair of the touchscreen gloves myself – they’re extremely useful!

    I still want a pair of Nike running tights. They’re just so expensive!

  4. HEY!!!! Miss you!!! I loved this post so much and HELLO, the Nike long sleeved knit…the cutest shirt EVER!! I love it so much!! You have the greatest style!! Too cute!! Hope all is well!! XOXO

  5. Those touch screen gloves have improved so much!! Chris got me a pair years ago that never worked. I just got a new pair last year and they are awesome. In fact, I just got our oldest son a pair -he loves them!

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