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TGIFriday Faves.

Oh, hello Friday! So happy you are back again. I am just sitting here drinking coffee and loving on my new boots. These boots are definitely putting a little pep in my step today.


Let’s get to this week’s faves!

-My Victorias Secret gym/everything bag. It really is perfect for stuffing all of my gym things in it. Especially spin shoes. By the way I taught some hip hop cycle last night and it was too much fun.


I think I’ve had that bag for several years but I always find a new purpose for it and has lasted forever.

11 thoughts every runner has during a winter run. Haha all of the gifs just made me laugh but this girl is on to something.

Discover the benefits of being a solo runner. I also LOVE running with friends but running alone definitely has its perks. For me it’s moving meditation.

Everything on the Tory Burch website. I have my eye on a few cute handbags for the holiday season. Gimme gimme.

Quinoa stuffed butternut squash. Holy deliciousness. Can’t wait to head to the grocery store this weekend. Yes, I actually get excited about grocery shopping.

Any fun plans this weekend?
Vino tasting, running, and relaxing as much as possible.

21 thoughts on “TGIFriday Faves.”

  1. I am also loving your new boots!!! SOOOO CUTE! Tory Burch – yes, yes and yes. Boston is so preppy and Tory-filled that I feel like I turn the corner and see something new and gorgeous every darn day that someone is ROCKING and I’m like oooooh, I’m in trouble. 🙂

  2. Agreed – those new boots are too cute!! And I’m another who LOVES all things Tory Burch…but, since I still have a new MK handbag that I have yet to wear out, I probably need to slow down. Haha, lol. I have been eyeing the TB shoes/boots for some time now though… if only I can find a 50% off sale! In a perfect world maybe… happy Friday! 🙂

  3. Hip hop cycle?!? Okay!! When are you coming to CO to teach so I can partake? That’s so awesome you do that. I have to second the moving meditation about running. I definitely do my best thinking when I’m out on a long run.

  4. Love those boots!!!
    I want to get out all of our Christmas stuff – pretty much depends on the guys since I can’t carry everything right now.

  5. i had 711 coffee this am too. we twins. i’m def a solo runner also — love having that as my “me” time. this wknd: the boy is coming to visit, so we’ll be traipsing around NYC, going to dinner, prob a jazz club tomorrow night…all good stuff. happy friday, girl!

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