Moving Meditation, Good Eats and Wknd Recap.

I am super excited this week ahead will be a short one. I will be working til Wednesday and then enjoying a lovely few days for the Thanksgiving holiday! Bring on the turkey and dressing.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 9.25.49 AM

This morning I had to teach a spin class and then get all cleaned up for picture day at work. It’s fun working behind the scenes in TV…kind of like going into the office to be creative, write and play all day. Well sorta. This week will definitely be crazy hitting some deadlines before a few days off.

Let’s backtrack to the weekend. We had all sorts of weird weather! Starting off with some clouds and rain on Saturday. I wasn’t quite sure that I was even going to get a run in because of the off and on rain but I managed 14 miles. I just kind of kept running until I was over it. It was a good run and I played with speed a bit. Not only was it a good run, it was super peaceful. The leaves were starting to fall all of the trees have finally changed colors. Moving meditation for sure.


After the run I went to my mailbox for the first time in a couple of weeks and got some goodies sent over to me. Thank you, Clif bar people! Lots of fun things to try.


That night I went out with a friend for some good eats in the Bishop Arts District. We discovered a new restaurant out there called Nova! It was like a cute diner and lounge all in one. Hummus, pita bread and cucumber salad for the win.


Sunday I met mama for coffee at The Pearl Cup. By the way…any coffee place that has almond milk lattes is okay with me. And this saying is so true.


Since I did church Saturday and it was such a gorgeous day out Sunday I had to get back out on the roads. 8 miles of sunshine.


Oh and I also got to have a little pho action this weekend. Piping hot pho with tofu…the best.


How was your weekend? What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Are you doing a super fun Turkey Trot?

20 thoughts on “Moving Meditation, Good Eats and Wknd Recap.

  1. I miss being able to go out and just run — Jealous of your back to back runs and workouts. Can you tell?!? You look fabulous and had awesome runs. I hope that I can somehow muster myself to get back into good running shape. Maybe contemplating a third baby would be dangerous in my work/mommy/running routine. LOL (Adding to the fact that P would leave me if we had one more. Okay, he wouldn’t but I know it’s really not what he wants right now)! Send me some of your energy woman.

  2. All of your eats look AMAZING!! Yum, I would like one of each, please. When I read your posts, they always motivate me to get moving! I love reading your LR recaps. I spent alot of Sunday in the kitchen taking a rest day and so I will live vicariously through your LRs (plus our leaves are long gone in Boston so it’s like rewinding to the pretty part of fall again – love it). Glad you had a good one! Happy short week! 😀 Oh, and ps – you look super adorbs for your pic!

  3. That pho looks so yummy! I haven’t had pho in so long….. Awesome long runs! You have beautiful trails. It still looks like autumn where you are, unlike snowy winter where I am- enjoy! Happy short week!!

  4. Haha opening the mail and seeing those treats would be amazing – merry early christmas to you 😉

    That pho looks soooo good I haven’t had it in forever but this time of year I crave soups on soups. Love your running top you look fabulous!

  5. Moving meditation is the best way to put it, ever! I love that concept! Sometimes the weather is so fantastic you just can’t help but to put in strong back to back days. Glad you had such a fun filled weekend! Enjoy your short week!

  6. We are low-key for Thanksgiving – we have some friends coming over during the day for lunch and then we are going to other friends house that evening for snacks and games – should be fun!!!

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