Thoughts on the Run, December Edition.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.31.04 AM

-Ahh…nice, crisp and cool out. GPS signal on! Let’s go.
-Good thing I brought my gloves…I love it when my hands are nice and toasty.
-It’s nice to just listen to the sounds of nature sometimes.
-Hmm…what should I have for breakfast this morning? First things first, coffee.
-Thank the good Lord for Starbucks.
-What should I wear to work today? Definitely boots.
-Did I blow that candle out?
-Wish I could go home and cuddle up on the couch with a movie. This is great napping weather. Too bad I have to work.
-Alrighty…a few miles in. Feeling good. Say good morning to fellow runners and dog walkers on the trail.
-Time to turn the music up…oh yeah, that’s my jam.
-Oh…this runner behind me thinks she’s going to pass me up? That’s not even happening. Better pick up the pace and make this a tempo run.
-Totally smoked her.
-Done! That felt great.
-Oy…I need a massage. Better yet a private masseuse.

What are some of your thoughts on the run?

12 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Run, December Edition.

  1. Love that picture. I am usually thinking of what I need to get at the grocery store, what we have going on for the week, food shopping, etc. And the occasional, UGH, when is this going to be OVER.

  2. HaHa – I’m so with you on other runners passing me!!! Years ago when I worked out at a large gym I was a mess every time I ran on one of the 50ish treadmills. Even if I had 10 miles planned and the person next to me was just running 2 or 3 I felt like I needed to run faster than them.

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