My Year of Running 2014.

7 miles this morning scurrying through the leaves on my favorite path. It was misty and rainy but a nice cool breeze certainly helped. It felt good to get it in after a little cross training/lifting day yesterday!

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.59.46 AM

Well…what a year of running it has been! I stole this survey from my buddy Kim and I figured it would be a great day to do it!

1. Best race experience? Oh man…that is definitely hard to pick and choose. I’ve had lots of FUN racing experiences this year….including having run the most 26.2s I’ve ever done (and qualifying for the Marathon Maniacs), 4 in one year and 11 total (plus 19 half marathons total…but, who’s counting?). I have to say my favorite one was the Houston Marathon back in January. I qualified for this race with my Galveston Marathon time of under 4 hours- 3:56. Flat, fast course and a huge health and fitness expo. I think I spent several hours in there scooping up runner swag.


2. Best run? Also another tough one! It’s no secret I just enjoy running…whether it’s slow or fast…some of my most favorite runs are the ones where I’m just wandering through nature racking up the miles and getting all my thoughts out. But…my best run has to be when I got first in my age group at the Vineyard Run in Grapevine. The wine glass win was just the icing on the cake.


3. Best new piece of gear? Definitely my Garmin Forerunner 10…love this pretty pink running watch!


4. Best piece of running advice you’ve received? This one, hands down.


5. Most inspirational runner? Oh, my homeboy Meb…no doubt!

6. If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be?
Challenging (at times)
Fearless and Free!

Loved this link up…thanks Kim!

Answer any of the questions..or join in on the link up!

13 thoughts on “My Year of Running 2014.

  1. Fun that you wrapped up your year – you have had a huge running year! I can’t wait to see how 2015 goes for you – I know you have a new race coming up with your ultra!!!

  2. I love this post! Are you doing the Houston Marathon again this year? That’s one of my favorite races, if all goes well the next few weeks it will be my 40th marathon!

  3. Love this post. Youve had some wonderful running accomplisments. Im so proud of you and i cant wait to see what is in store for twenty fifteen. Big things for yoi, i.e. The ultra.

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