Runrise and Wknd Recap.

Hi there! I am feeling quite spunky today. It may have something to do with this morning’s run…capturing a bit of this lovely runrise.


I also taught a little spin. Nothing like rocking out to wake those legs up a bit.


Let’s backtrack to the weekend! I’m still coming out of a bit of a Christmas coma. So my weekend unfortunately was not that eventful.

However…I did get a nice long run in! 12 miles on Saturday after I subbed spin. The weather here has been perfect…yes, temps in the 30s and 40s for running is dang near perfect to me.


The rest of the weekend was church, a little grocery shopping…and literally nothing else. I know, I’m a wild gal.

I am looking forward to this rather short work week though! Bring it on! Now I must find something to do for New Year’s. I may have a few things up my sleeve.

Just for fun…here’s a pic of me and my cousin McKinley I got to hang out with a few days ago…she always makes me smile.


How was your weekend? What do you have planned for New Year’s Eve?

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