Brooks Defyance Shoe Review.

5 miles this morning burning off some steam. Plus a strength training…lots of squats and upper body. It felt good to get it in although I’m a bit sore as I type.


Yep yep…loving that quote.

I also got to test out some new shoes…your girl is rocking the Brooks now! I bought these last week from Luke’s Locker and have been testing them ever since. So I thought I’d give you a mini shoe review.


Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 10.41.47 AM

I have to tell you I have always been an Asics girl at heart. Since I started distance running about 6 years ago…that’s really all I have ever worn for training and racing. They are the tried and true. I’ve also tried some of the other trendy brands like Hokas and Newtons. Both serve a different purpose and overall I think they’re all very well made. I’ve always avoided wearing Brooks for whatever reason until I found Defyance! I tried them on at the store and I loved the look and feel of these shoes. Plus I think you get a bang for your buck as these shoes were in the $70 range (on sale). Most of the running shoes I purchase are usually well over 100 bucks…and I do not mind paying for quality and a good investment…but still I loved the bargain. This shoe overall is for a neutral foot and I think is best worn as a daily trainer. I have not yet tested it out on 20 mile runs or anything like that but I can say they are great for your daily runs. They have such a light feel to them that I think they would also serve a purpose as a racing shoe. I think Brooks has been around a long time and they are strictly a brand for running shoes. So if you are a runner and looking into trying something different…definitely check this one out!

I will always and forever love my Asics but I have to say it has been fun experimenting with different shoes.

You can purchase them online or at any specialty running store.

What are your favorite running shoes right now?

23 thoughts on “Brooks Defyance Shoe Review.

  1. Brooks were/are my first pair of running shoes and I absolutely LOVE them so I approve of this review. Haha! The hubby is an Asics guy too though, so perhaps they’re equipped for more advanced runners? I may actually try them out myself (Asics) whenever I need a new pair… maybe it’ll help me to finally get some serious miles under my belt. 😉

  2. Hey!! Great workouts and I love that quote, too!! It gets right to the point, which is cool. Also, love Brooks!! I’m completely 100% in love with my Brooks!! They are so comfy and adorable! Very glad I switched to them! Have an amazing day!! XOXO

  3. I’m a Brooks girl on the road and Innov8s on trails. I’m back in my beloved Launches but I did go through a Defyance phase for a while and even got married wearing them 🙂

  4. I used to be an Asics girl as well… until I tried the Brooks Ghost! AMAZING. I fell in love. It was just too comfy, even when I started adding on the mileage! I’ve stayed with the Brooks Ghost 6 even to this day… and now my most recent ones need replacing soon! I’ve been looking at Nike Flyknits but honestly… I can’t turn away from Brooks. They are just hands down the best, IMO. 🙂 I may be a little bias but I mean.. 😉

    Glad to see that you’re enjoying your first pair! The Ghosts and the Adrenalines feel really awesome.

  5. My Asics Gel-Contend 2’s carried me through my first half – injury free. They might be cheap, but they work for me. I just ordered a new pair for the new year.

  6. Im also an Asics girl. I remember when i first started running i had no clue about running shoes. My sis bought me Nike Frees that i loved. I want to try to find them again (exact color, etc.). Sadly, i wore those down. Let me know more about Brooks.

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