Runrise and a Confession Session.

I started my day with a lovely runrise this morning. Just getting a few miles in while brainstorming and rocking out to my jams.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.42.26 AM

Not only did I get my run on but I was able to squeeze in this heartbreaker of a workout! Gotta love Nike Training Club. Repeat the entire circuit 4 times. I love to hate mountain climbers.


Today calls for a little bit of a confession session. Just because I am a fan of oversharing. So without further ado…let’s get to it.

-I wish I was a super flexible yoga person. I know…baby steps. But I love being in the yogi environment. Also, I think I need this top.


But I went to candlelight yoga last night and it was nothing short of amazing. I’m thinking of making it a Monday night tradition.


-Coffee is my best friend lately. So is espresso.


-I dance in the car. And the shower. And anywhere else that it is considered inappropriate to dance.

-I really enjoy my single girl time…and really my life as a single gal period. Is that so wrong? Anyway…I know it may not last forever so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Date whoever I want when I want. And not even feel bad about it. So, thank you very much.

-Eating sushi all day every day is a-ok with me. Love it love it.

-Red pepper flakes are my favorite spice in the entire world. I need a lifetime supply.

-If I won the lottery I’d travel and run an ultramarathon in every part of the world. Or maybe even move to Italy. The sky is the limit.

What are some random items you have to confess today? Tell me what’s on your mind!

29 thoughts on “Runrise and a Confession Session.

  1. Beautiful sunrise and great circuit! I love to hate mountain climbers too (who doesn’t?!).
    And I’m totally with you on the sushi and red pepper flakes. I especially love to add red pepper flakes to pizza to spice it up a bit!
    My confession: I’ve been craving dumplings lately and I may just have to cave in to them soon in order for my brain to stop thinking about them!

  2. I love your confession time. hmm, confessions. I can eat 6 slices of pizza in one sitting. I love pizza. I could probably eat it every single day and not be sick of it.

    I loved being single. I had a boyfriend for 8 years (the last two were rocky). When things ended, I stayed single (I mean, single… didn’t date anyone) for four years before I got back out there. I had a tough time.But I guess since I was only with my ex for that many years (since I was 14 to 22) I didn’t know how to date?!? But I enjoyed being single. It was FUN.

    Another confession, sometimes I think about whether I should have majored in something else. Or if I should be working somewhere else. But the flexibility is so good right now. Maybe once the kids are a bit older I can go back to school. Or do something creative — start a business?!? Something to think about.


    • Ooh I love your confessions! So transparent! And I love that you loved to be single. Although, you are now a beautiful mama and wife!! You are very blessed 🙂 It has been fun for me, dating and just enjoying life. I of course was tied down for 5 years but now it’s nice to have a bit of freedom and entering into another exciting chapter of my life.

  3. My confession is that every once in awhile (in the winter!!) I take a day and become a total and complete slug – TV/movies/books all day while wearing fleece and wrapped in a blanket!

  4. Candlelight Yoga. What a great concept. It must be very relaxing. When you see that “runrise” don’t you feel such a close connection to God? It’s just so beautiful.
    Enjoy your single girl time. It’s an exciting time in life with so many great opportunities.

  5. I’m single and satisfied too! Enjoying the beauty of life. I secretly want to be a Youtube guru (any area I’m not picky LOL!). I would like to create a world famous recipe for gooey chocolate chip cookies ( I have not been successful yet). If I could get on a plane tomorrow I’d fly to a beautiful place in Europe and never return (except to visit my parents).

  6. So, question for you. When you get up early to run, is it still dark outside? If so, how do you make yourself feel safe when running in the dark? That’s what makes me so nervous about getting up early to run. Plus, I’ve got a kagillion other things to do in the morning too.

    I LOVED my single days too. Embrace it girl!!!

  7. i need to take yoga, and candlelight yoga sounds awesome. i’m sooooo inflexible also! runner’s hips and all that jazz, you know how it goes. love the sunrise, love coffee, love espresso, love sushi. 🙂

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