Running Reminders.

I almost forgot how much I love running in the rain. Granted…cold and incredibly windy rain but a fun little challenge to kick off Thursday.


This bunny obviously wanted to come out and play too. I think he enjoys it just as much as I do.

So I put together a few important reminders for us runners…specifically for those training for a marathon. Or in my case…an ultra marathon. These are some great things you can put in your back pocket and take out whenever you need them. In no particular order…

It’s okay (READ: necessary) to take rest days. I really can’t stress this enough. And I will tell you a secret. Sometimes I have a hard time taking days off but I make myself do it. I need exercise in my life for my peace of mind, and the endorphin rush.


I always feel so good the next day though… and come back with strong fresh legs when I do REST. Right now I’m running about 5 days a week, and allowing the other 2 days for cross training and/or kicking my feet up.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. I will be honest and say I do think a lot of runners like to play the comparison game. Don’t steal your own joy by doing this. It’s you vs. you. Always. Never forget that.

Your tootsies and toes will never be the same. Just come to accept this fact. Black toes are not cute but you know what is? Wine colored nail polish. And spa pedicures. LOVE it. In fact think I’m due for one very soon.

It’s okay to VARY your pace…and sometimes go slow (or whatever YOU consider to be slow). I tell you, I have had more fun on a run when I just relax, back off of the pace and get the miles in. You are still building endurance this way. There’s a time and a place for everything.

It’s also okay to trust your body and those strong legs of yours and get outside of your comfort zone. It is absolutely rewarding to have a hardcore speed workout where you seriously push yourself. You may find the next time you go out there to run a race you will set and break those records. All because you believed in yourself. Always remember you are stronger than you think. In athletics and in life.

Any running reminders you’d like to share with the group?

21 thoughts on “Running Reminders.

  1. Love these reminders. I think my reminder would be (especially in the midst of a hard workout or hard race) that we are incredibly fortunate to be able to participate in this sport. ❤

  2. My feet are still destroyed from a cold run in the rain on New Year’s Day. I love the rain when it’s warmer out, those are the best runs! Cold and wet though is a different story.

    In addition to your vary your pace idea I’d say run sans any watches. It’s great to just run with no feedback, just you and your own body.

  3. Chelsea, this rabbit picture is beyond cute. I just wanna kiss that bunny! I love it! Great job on your run in the rain! Takes great dedication!
    Love your tips, too- they are absolutely perfect! I definitely believe that the comparison game steals joy, too. You vs. you is always the best!! Have a Fun Friday! XOXO

  4. I love these reminders!!! My rest days are difficult as well and I play the comparison game way too much! Ugh.

    One thing I would say is don’t get stuck in a rut– run with others, run a different route, run with different music… Don’t let it get too routine!

  5. One reminder i have to tell myself is its ok to have a “bad run” day where you’re just not feeling it while you’re out on the run. It makes you appreciate the good run days more.

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