30 Running Questions.

Still warm and breezy down here in Texas. Temps were in the 60s for this morning’s run. I thought I’d share a quick snapshot.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.42.37 AM

Let’s get straight to today’s questionnaire! 30 running questions in random order…here we go.

1. What’s your favorite type of running shoe?
Asics Kayanos. It’s kinda like running on clouds when I wear them.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.48.55 AM

2: Do you run to music?
Absolutely! Music is a huge motivator for me while working out and just out and about in general.

3: Do you run in a gym or outdoors?
Definitely outdoors, unless there’s ice on the ground—which thankfully we have not had yet this winter in Texas. Many times the only thing that gets me out the door is seeing the sunrise.


4: Do you bring a sports drink or water out with you when you run?
Water unless it’s a long run over 15 miles, then I mix the water with some cucumber lime gatorade.

5: How many miles can you run without breaking?
So far…26.2 miles! We’ll see how things go when I run the ultra in March.

6: Do you prefer long, mid or short distance running?
Always long. I’m a sucker for a good long run.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.45.58 AM

7: How long have you been running?
I dabbled with track and field growing up but I never was a huge fan of running until after I graduated college and started working.

8: What do you think about when you run?
Haha oh lots of things…mostly about the day ahead of me, some things I have to check off of the list. My thoughts usually vary from day to day depending on what’s going on in my life at the moment.

9: Do you run when you’re emotional?
In my opinion, that’s the best time to run! Running has gotten me though so many emotional points in my life and I am so thankful to be able to channel my emotions by pounding the pavement!

10: Have you noticed any changes in your life since you started running?
I have more energy, less stress and overall I am a happier more loving person. OK…sometimes not so loving…but it comes with the territory.


11: Do you stretch?
YES! After every run. I am a fan of doing some post run yoga. Check out some of my favorite stretches here.

12: Do you plan your day around your run or your run around your day?

13: Do you run with someone else?
Typically solo unless I plan a run with my running buds.

14: What motivates you to run?
Racing! My friends, my family, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say…wine!


15: Are you surprised with how well you run?
These days, yes…I am very proud of my legs and body for putting in the miles and staying strong.

16: Do you run marathons/races/both?
All of the above!

17: What’s your best mile time?
6:55. I clocked this once during a 5K and seriously thought my watch was broken.

18: Do you run to keep fit or keep fit to run?

19: Do you prefer to run in heat or in cold?
Cold, hands down…as long as there’s no ice. My best marathon was run in 30 degree weather, 2nd best 40 degrees with rain and crazy winds on the beach.

20: Is it hard for you to get out of the house to run?
Usually, no. Unless it’s dark outside…if I’m not running with a friend I do like to wait until there’s a little bit of sunlight.

21: Do you ever regret not running?
Like the saying goes…everyday is a good day, when you run!

22: Do you keep a record of your running times?
Yes, on my phone and on my pretty pink Garmin.

Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 9.46.27 AM

23: Do you have a running idol?
Ah! Good question…it would probably be Meb who I got a chance to meet once. Super humble guy.

24: Does anyone else in your family run?
My dad used to run when I was younger…also my uncle is a firefighter and avid runner.

25: Are you currently trying to become a better runner?
Always a work in progress. Whether it’s to run longer or faster…I’m always striving for more.

26: Do you run when you have nothing else to do?
Very rarely these days do I have down time but when I do I make it a priority to run.

27: How often do you run?
Right now, 5 days a week. The other 2 days are for rest and cross training.

28: What is your biggest running-related dream?
To eventually run a 100 mile ultra.

29: Will you run for the rest of your life or just until you become what you want?
Until I’m 105!

30: What are your favorite exercises to team with running?
Cycling, yoga…and of course, dancing!

Answer some or all of the questions!

18 thoughts on “30 Running Questions.

  1. Love it! Work up to it on your own timetable but you should totally run a 100. I still can’t think about mine without tearing up. It was easily the most amazing thing I’ve ever done!

  2. Hey! Love your questions! Very cool answers, too! 🙂 Let’s see:
    #3- I’m an outdoor runner all the way!
    #4- unless it’s really hot out, I don’t bring anything. I usually have to force myself to drink water during the day.
    #9- Running when I’m emotional has produced some of my best runs!!
    #13- Lately, I’ve been running by myself. I don’t know, I’m really enjoying my own time.
    #17- I intend to find out. I’m doing a race this summer called the Strider Mile!! It’s on a track! Can’t wait to see how it goes!!
    #19- I’m lovin’ this 30-40 degree weather. Perfect weather for running.
    Have a great Friday!!! XOXO

  3. Your posts are always so inspiring. I’ve been logging measly little miles lately but look at you! You’re inspiring me to get back in the game.. 6+ miles. 😉 Also, how cool that you’ve met Meb! He seems like such a humble guy.. and you proved it!

  4. If I run I go on my own, even though I don’t run a lot😂 I go to the gym alone❤️ I like it better as I can concentrate more xxx

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