Last Minute 26.2.

So…I decided today to switch from the ultra to a full due to the course being caked with mud, sand & clay from the rain. And wow…what a day it was! Recap is to come. I felt like this was a wise choice rather than to risk an injury or broken ankle. I almost hurt myself out there a few times. Almost. Phew!!

But…26.2 #12 is done. Never have done that many miles on a dirt trail & I have a medal to show for it! Yeah, I’ll be back to road racing for a while but it felt good to get another trail race under my belt. Off to celebrate!! Cheers.

Oh & I’m not giving up on ultras just yet. I’ve still got one 50k checked off the list & many more to come.

Have a great weekend!!

14 thoughts on “Last Minute 26.2.”

  1. Yay for #12!!! You absolutely did the correct thing. There are plenty to choose from in the future πŸ™‚ My friend who DNF-ed BCS is doing Brazos Bend in a few weeks. I don’t recommend it (had a bad experience at their last race) but if you have the bug to do one soon check that one out!

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