You Know You’re a Runner When…


-The idea of a relaxing weekend includes a long run (or two), some recovery time, and definitely a nap.

-You’d much rather go run than wash the dishes any day.


-You know that having jacked up toe nails is all a part of the game. Hey, isn’t that what spa pedicures are for?

-The wall in your bedroom is filled with racing medals. Rack that bling up.


-Your closest has more running shoes than real people shoes.

-You are familiar with the abbreviations PR, BQ, DNF, DNS, the list goes on.

-The term “fartlek” is not a naughty word to you.

-Your long runs are sometimes longer than your commute to work.

-You know where a mile is in any direction from your casa.


-RACE-CATIONS are some of your favorite ways to see a town or city.

-You feel just as glamorous with a cute new running outfit than a snazzy new dress and some heels. Am I right, ladies?

Finish the sentence! You know you are a runner when…

17 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Runner When…

    • Fartlek, which means “speed play” in Swedish, is a training method that blends continuous training with interval training. – So, during a run…if you pick up the pace & run hard for say 30 seconds, and then go back to your normal pace, then rinse and repeat…this would be a form of fartlek running. This is mostly something that distance runners do a lot, but you could try it too. It’s great conditioning and will help improve your turnover during a race.

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