Memorial Day Marathon and Wknd Recap.

Hi there! Hope you all had a lovely, relaxing 3 day weekend. Mine was filled with the things I love the most…running, fun times with friends and family and some crawfish!

Let’s recap this weekend a bit, shall we?

Friday night I had a little fun time with friends. A friend cooked dinner, we relaxed and kicked back. Of course I had to fix up my hair for the holiday weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.21.44 AM

Saturday I went out for a nice shakeout run before Monday’s race. It rained a majority of the weekend but lots of rain made for a cool breeze in the air. It was a nice 4 mile run.

The next day was mostly more chill time since I went to church on Saturday night. The rain cleared up a bit so my mom, my neighbor Camillia and I went for crawfish at The Boiling Crab. This place is so freaking popular! We got there right when it opened and there was still an hour long wait. It was all so worth it though. The corn and sausage drenched in the cajun spices was the best.


After that it was marathon Monday!! I had a stupid early wake up call of about 4 am. Since the race site was super close to me I jumped in my clothes, grabbed my things and headed on out to Bachman Lake.

5 am (yes can you believe it?!? 5 am start!) and we were off down the lake!! We did a quick out and back then all started out on our loops. The lake itself is a little over 3 miles all the way around so we looped it a total of 8 times. It sounds a little redundant but it actually was really fun! Mentally I do love looped courses because I can count down in my head how many I have left. It was also so fun because this is a TINY race (caps out at 75 people) so lots of folks there, like myself, were Marathon Maniacs!! No pressure race, no time cutoffs, just folks out there enjoying themselves with a passion for the sport. This was a part of a series so some folks did multiple days of racing throughout the weekend. There was a guy there that had completed over 600 marathons! I seriously thought that was cool. Just kickin’ it with some crazies like myself.


Anyway, with 100% humidity…literally…I had no real time goals for this race. I just wanted to stay consistent with my time splits and I did just that. Since the parking lot was so close, I actually left the course during the race because I left my spi belt in the trunk…but of course the clock kept running. haha. I finished 4:33 (not official time as they have not posted results) but they did tell me I finished 2nd overall female!! And mind you this race is CRAZY small but still, I can humblebrag a bit, yes? I thought so.


The best part about this race?! The main aid station. Yes, it was set up just like a trail race with TONS of goodies. They even had cupcakes and sandwiches! Crazy. I have a hard time eating all the food at races but I did partake in a few m&ms.


More perks…this awesome flashlight and t-shirt! We run Texas…oh yes we do.

26.2 number 14 is a wrap.



How was your weekend?

Do you have any more races coming up?
Yep…a 5k then a half marathon in June!

17 thoughts on “Memorial Day Marathon and Wknd Recap.

  1. I would love to try a 5am start – what’d you think of it?

    I also enjoy looped courses, although I’m not sure about 8 times haha!

    Congrats on second place! Small races are the best – no pressure, clearly the people there are running for the love of running (not the brand name event), and HELLO CHEAPER ENTRY FEES! 🙂

    So… when/where will #15 be!?

    • I LOVED the 5 am start! It was rough getting up but fine once you’re there plus you get to avoid some of the heat esp for May in TX…it was perfect!
      Number 15 will probably be RnR Vegas in November (then marathon training/smaller races in summer) but as usual I may have something else up my sleeve!

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  3. UHHHHH, this is amazing. I’m so late with reading your update. I’m so proud of you. OH, and a 5AM start time. I think I would love that — to be done running a marathon before 10am. UH, AWESOME. And then 2nd in age group. HOLLA! Love it. And I apologize for being so behind. I hate when that happens.

    • Yeah it’s a nice change of pace to be done so early in the day!! Thank you! I definitely plan on returning for this race series…they have more marathons scheduled towards the end of the year!

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