Moving Meditation, Brunch and Wknd Recap.

Hi there! Today is kind of a crazy day but I thought I’d check in! I taught my hour long cycle and strength class this morning. We got down with lots of upper body work as well as some lunges & squats for the booty!


Let’s backtrack on a little weekend fun, shall we?

This weekend was overall real chill and I have to tell you that I was overjoyed that the sunshine came to play in a major way. This has been a long time coming for us Texans…because as you probably know we have dealt with a crap TON of rain & flooding in the month of May.


Saturday the rain was around in the morning but mostly drizzles so I set out on a nice 14 mile run. Just getting ready for this half marathon coming up soon.


After that it was a whole lot of nothing…relaxing…and oh…I also signed up for this race. Lowest price of the year!! Could not resist. Can’t wait for 26.2 in San Diego in 2016. I ran the half last year and I totally had a blast.


Sunday I went out for another few laps around the lake. Just me alone with my thoughts. It feels good to do lots of moving meditation lately.



Then brunch with some of the best friends in the land. These gals I tell ya…I am so very thankful for wonderful girlfriends that are there for you through thick and thin.


Also…I strongly believe brunch is the most important meal of the day, you feel me?


And of course I followed that up with some adult beverages and laying around by the pool. Because duh. What the heck else do you do when the weather is absolutely gorgeous!!


It’s looking to be nice the rest of this week too. Hello any excuse to be outside…(aka running) here I come.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.21.39 PM

How was your weekend? Did you get to play a lot outside?

12 thoughts on “Moving Meditation, Brunch and Wknd Recap.

  1. So happy to hear the wet weather has let up. Enjoy the sunshine! Cycle and strength sounds like the perfect combo. My weekend was just catching up on that spring cleaning and organizing unfortunately.

  2. Looks like your upcoming forecast May make amends for that awful weather you had been having! so jealous of all that sunshine. We had some great weather on Saturday, & I did get outside, but the rest of the weekend was rainy and cool. It was in the forties today! Great job on your runs!

  3. I traveled to Houston last week and was really worried about the conditions. Thankfully some nice weather did come and dry up most of the rain! Jealous of your race in San Diego! I bet that’s a beautiful place for some moving meditation. Just may have to put that on my running bucket list 🙂

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