Wknd Recap and Things I’m Excited About.


This weekend was filled with my favorite things as usual. 11 miles Saturday, 7 on Sunday, and tons of playing in the sun. Working on my tan. Fo sho.

By the way…I am in a bit of a transition if you have not noticed in my format writing on this blog. I’m getting a new laptop here soon so there will be more be pics in upcoming posts. I promise! Moving on…

Some things I am excited about this week…yeah let’s talk about that.

-The Michelob Ultra Katy Trail 5k this Thursday night!! Running in Uptown Dallas. It should be a good time. Will try to beat my last time and stay under the 25 minute range. I’m not really a good night time runner though. Haha. So we shall see what happens.

-Making a bunch of meals from Blue Apron. I made kimchi last night for the first time!! Freaking delicious. Tonight some cod with curried basmati rice and snap peas. Nom nom.

-Teaching cycle & strength which I did this morning. Pumpin that iron. I’m sore already. We rocked those sumo squats.

-Running the Wounded Warrior Half on Sunday!! Right in my ‘hood. I’m only half crazy…haha just kidding, I am full crazy too.

-All of the sunshine down here in Texas. It was highs in the 90s all weekend and I think I spent 85 percent of my time outside. Bring on pool time, hydrating and lots of SAUNA running all season long.

How was your weekend? What are you excited for this week?

17 thoughts on “Wknd Recap and Things I’m Excited About.

  1. Every single time I try to post today my computer freezes. I’m catching up. I have to come here for my daily dose of inspiration.Your week sounds so amazing. I love the soreness and workouts and running. And new foods… YUM. Blue Apron sounds wonderful. Cant wait to read more about it.

  2. nice wknd! i hung out with girlfriends and did some running. we need to get ourselves in the same city and do alllll the running and exploring at some point! šŸ™‚

    • haha the good thing about it is you can change up the meal choices if you catch it ahead of time before delivery. Also, you can select if you don’t like a certain meat or want just vegetarian. I do wish they would tailor more to those with certain allergies (i.e. gluten free). I got mine for free but in general with me being a single lady I don’t think it’s very budget friendly. It’s fun for every once in a while though!!

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