Summer Solstice Party and Wknd Recap.

Happy summer to you! My weekend was filled with lots of hot weather fun…playing outside, running in the sunshine…and fun times with friends.


Let’s do a quick recap! I started things off on Saturday morning with a nice 12 mile run by the lake. Followed up with some burpees and core work afterwards. Man…it was crazy humid all weekend. With the tropical storm that came in a few days ago we still had some left over drizzles. But it did cool things down just a tad and brought in a small breeze.


I ran a few errands, went to Saturday night church and later that evening went to a Yelp Summer Solstice party in the heart of Dallas. Gorgeous sunset with some lovely people.


We were decked out in all white…lookin fly.


The event had 3 floors of food, drinks, fun and even a DJ and some cirque du soleil / acro yoga action on the rooftop. Truly awesome.


Sunday I kinda slept in (which felt amazing) then got in a recovery run to the tune of 7 miles. Just enjoying the nice breeze in my Jalapeño Half shirt. That medal ranks up there as one of my faves.


Then a little grocery store shopping at Sprouts Farmer’s Market. Did I tell you Cotton Candy grapes are BACK?!? Don’t tell everyone…we want them all to ourselves. It will be a secret between you and me.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 8.43.58 AM

Oh and I got to chat on the phone with my sweet Dad who lives in Houston. I sent him a Starbucks gift card for Father’s Day. That’s right…he loves coffee just as much as I do.


How was your weekend? What new foods have you discovered at the grocery store?

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