26.2 Reasons Why You Should Run a Marathon.

Pretty colors in the sky on this morning’s run! Much needed before a busy Tuesday.
Today I’ve got a few reasons why you (yes, you!) should run a marathon. 26.2 to be exact.


1. Because it’s a great way to see a new town or city that you have never been to before.

2. Do it for the gear. Tank tops, shorts, flashy loud shoes…oh my.

3. There’s nothing more awesome than that runners high after your 20 mile training run. Can I get an amen?

4. To surprise yourself and push far beyond your limits.

5. For that extra glass of wine to celebrate.

6. Or beer…or margarita…whatever your fancy.

7. To get in those training runs with your homies…because running buddies are the best friends ever.

8. To run in honor of someone that you love.

9. For the awesome cheering/spectator signs.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.08.06 AM

10. So you can rock out to 4 hours worth of music on your running playlist.

11. To high five little cute kiddos on the course. They make the best spectators ever.

12. Let’s be honest…to pass some runners like a rockstar at the end of the race. That is the most wonderful feeling.

13. For the sunrise at the start line.

14. For the bragging rights. Nothing wrong with a little humble bragging.

15. To make your mama proud.

16. Or your dad, sister, brother, husband, boyfriend, dog…whatever.

17. For the brunch afterwards.

18. To give you an excuse to plop down on the bed and take a nice post marathon nap afterwards.

19. To rack up the bling bling…love those race medals.

20. Because others can’t.

21. Just to get a good workout. And hot dang…it’s one heck of a workout if I do say so myself.

22. To raise money for an amazing charity that you believe in.

23. To get you through a tough time.

24. To get you through a happy time.

25. To see all of your hard work and months of training pay off with a killer finish time.

26. For the banana.

.2 – For you.


Hey marathoners! Tell me…why do you run marathons?! 

26 thoughts on “26.2 Reasons Why You Should Run a Marathon.

  1. I do half marathons. No matter how uncompetitive you are, you are competitive those last meters!! I run because I need goals to stay sane and exercise to stay even more sane!

  2. LOVING this post.

    I’m actually house hunting and I found the perfect address — 26 Mile Drive. Unfortunately, the house is not pretty but I kinda wanna just buy it for that sole reason. 26 MILE DRIVE. Come on… how freaking cool is that address???

  3. Cute post! I’m excited to train for Chicago this year and to probe to myself after a having a baby I can still run a full Marathon !!

  4. I love this! I’ve only ran one 26.2 in Dallas in 2012 but I plan on doing the DRC Half in November and maybe I’ll get the courage to do another full. 😁 I’m trying to find the time and energy to lift a few days and run. It’s tough.

    • Girl…you did so fantastic with all of that bodybuilding stuff and I so enjoyed watching your journey! Can’t wait to see what you accomplish next! We’ll need to link up for a race one of these days!!

      • Thank you so much. It was fun but it’s a tough lifestyle when family is a priority. Running is a little more flexible with stuff like that plus my father in law and I run together. I’m actually waiting on him now to go run this evening. But yes we do! I’m slowly getting back into distance running.

  5. these are awesome reasons and it was such a fun list! love the banana, lolllzz. i love running to push myself and to keep my family legacy alive, and to spend hours outdoors and see how strong and able my body can be, and to make my runner of a dad proud and to have ME time and for nice muscular legs! and all the cute clothes are HUGE perk. 🙂

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