5 Ways to Increase Endurance and Mileage.

Thursday 10k enjoying a bit of vitamin D. Glad I was up early to beat this heat! We are hitting the triple digits here in the next few days! I am bracing myself for the heat wave. Bring it on Mr. Sun…I am ready.


Today I wanted to chat a bit about increasing your mileage and endurance! It is definitely not easy to do so but after about 6 years of running marathons I think I’m pretty good at this topic. So let’s go over a few things that have helped me.

1. Be consistent. This is the one thing that has helped me out immensely in terms of running and upping my mileage. Honestly the more time you have on your feet, the better. Even if you go out for a short run…just get it in.


2. Go slow if you have to. I think the whole world of social media has convinced us that we always have to do everything harder, better, faster stronger. To me that is not always the case. When you are first starting out it’s just important to get that time on your feet so sometimes you don’t have to worry about your PACE. Especially in the summer time when you are about 30 seconds to a minute per mile slower. So just enjoy those miles…feel the wind hitting your face, and your feet hitting the pavement.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.50.15 AM

3. When it comes to intensity/speed (and mileage)…take baby steps and build a foundation. Then work your way up from there. Once you have a schedule of running consistently…then you can work on increasing your speed. Perhaps sign up for a goal race to have a light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s a great site you can check out for some ways to incorporate speed play into your workout.

4. Cross train. Do I sound like a broken record by now? Maybe. But find other ways to move your body besides running. My favorite way of keeping my endurance strong is with spinning/indoor cycling! It’s low impact and an awesome way to torch some calories and keep your cardiovascular system nice and strong.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.00.20 AM

5. Know not everything is going to be perfect. I think a lot of runners have a perfectionist mentality. And we beat ourselves up a lot about our pace, mileage and etc. But you are going to have bad days. You may have a kink or two with your body that you need to work out…perhaps with more rest or TLC. But ride the wave of distance running and know that if you just keep moving forward you are going to build up that endurance…and you’ll be good to go.


What are some ways you increase your endurance in training?

15 thoughts on “5 Ways to Increase Endurance and Mileage.

  1. Consistency is so key. Even if I’m not feeling well, sometimes just going for a long walk helps me get out the door the next day as opposed to just throwing in the towel completely. Great tips! : )

  2. I totally agree with you 110%. Especially with consistency. What a great post. I do feel like you are very knowledgable on this subject matter. Sending you some cool breeze so that you could beat the heat. XO

  3. these are all so good and true. i don’t spin nearly as much as i used to, but i ride the bike to/from work every day, so that’s a good 7 miles a day of biking that i really enjoy. also, giving up the perfectionist image and just letting yourself enjoy it and be grateful you can run — even if you’re going slowly! — is so key. it gives you such a peace of mind, too, and teaches you not to be so hard on yourself. thanks, girl! ps — how many spin classes a week do you teach?

    • I teach a bunch during the work week but it varies from week to week. I love it! So awesome that you bike a lot in NY too…I bet it’s a great way to see a lot of the city!! Keep up the great work!

  4. #5 is so true. I had a great tempo run tonight and yet kept telling myself that my form was awful. Why can’t we just accept something like “had a great run” and leave it like that without nitpicking ourselves?

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