13.1 Lessons Learned from Being a Long Distance Runner.


1. Being patient with yourself and what your body is capable of will take you far in the long run.

2. It’s you versus you. Always.

3. Some things can only be worked out in your brain from going out on that long run and thinking it through. Am I right?

4. It helps to break down longer runs in increments…for instance…8 miles, two 4 milers. 10 miler. 2 five mile runs. And so on.

5. Music is a powerful running motivator.

6. Sticking with the running shoes that work for you is better than getting the latest kicks everyone else is getting. For me…those shoes are Asics. I have been running in them since I started running distance 6 years ago. They have not let me down yet.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 9.01.54 AM

7. Speaking of shoes…changing ‘em out every few months will keep those tootsies very happy.

8. Sometimes you need to run without music. Just listen to nature and feel the wind on your back and your feet hit the pavement.

9. This sport is kind of the best drug there is out there. I mean, can we just bottle up the runner’s high and sell it? We would make millions I promise you.


10. I know my body and am more in tune with it than I’ve ever been before.

11. Chafing is very real but it can be prevented. Hello body glide and vaseline.

12. Coffee is a magical elixir that helps the miles go by just a little bit faster. Liquid joy juice.

13. Once you turn into a distance runner…trust me, you’ll probably never go back.

.1 Always…breathe.

What are some lessons you’ve learned in distance running?

14 thoughts on “13.1 Lessons Learned from Being a Long Distance Runner.

  1. Every one of these is true! Especially the bit about coffee. Wishing I’d had a little more this morning. 😉 And I totally agree about sticking with the shoes that work for you. Don’t go with whatever shoes work for your neighbor or your BFF, wear the ones that work for YOU.

  2. Good ones! I’ve learned that compression tights are the best pants. I learned that just because I’ve always believed I’m not athletic doesn’t mean it’s true. I can do much more than I think.

  3. Totally on board about sticking with the running shoes that work for you!! And yet as much as I believe this…I still find myself drooling over cute/colorful sneaks wishing my fav brand (Inov-8)
    made women’s running shoes that attractive!

  4. love this and so true. There are so many times during a LR and/or marathon when I’m all, “UGHHHH WHY AM I DOING THIS AGAIN” moments and after, I feel amazing. PS Chafing is real. Ive used my chapstick mid run at times. Works like a charm.

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