12 Miles, That’s Kind of my Guilty Pleasure and Wknd Recap.

Wow…Monday again, already? Hope you had an awesome weekend! I tried to make every second of it count. Lots of time was spent outdoors running and enjoying the pretty clouds in the sky.


Here are just a few snapshots from my weekend!

Starting off with Saturday…12 mile run by the lake. This run felt pretty good and it was a little cooler out which helped immensely! Highs were only in the 90s that day (which compared to triple digits is at least little bit of relief) so I got it done and knocked it out.


I treated myself by getting my nails done…yeah that’s kind of my guilty pleasure. Tried out NexGen nails for the first time. I like ’em so far…not sure if I can keep this habit up but we shall see how it goes.


That night I enjoyed sushi and wine with girlfriends. GNOs are the best. Especially when ahi tuna towers are involved.


Love my girls! We celebrated our dear friend Camillia’s birthday since she will be out of town on the actual day next weekend.


Sunday was more running. It was a touch hotter but I actually felt good on this 8 mile run despite being tired from Saturday night out. I even threw in a few speedy strides for good measure.


Then brunch with mama. Her birthday is Thursday so we will be celebrating all week long! I have a lot of August birthday folks in my life. We enjoyed the egg white migas from a new place by her called Mexican Sugar. So yummy.


Oh yeah and I sipped on an awesome wine. You must find this one…it’s called “Poema”… good stuff. Spanish reds are the best.


How was your weekend? Have you discovered any new wines lately?

12 thoughts on “12 Miles, That’s Kind of my Guilty Pleasure and Wknd Recap.

  1. Enjoy celebrating with your mom for her birthday. I’ll be checking out that wine. Thanks for the recommendation. I was out and about in the sun this weekend. It was wonderful.

  2. Woo, you definitely blew my weekend out of the water. I ran an 8 miler that, thanks to a heck of a training week (or perhaps being a bigger wimp than I thought?) felt a lot longer.

  3. 1. amazing run as usual; 2. love the color of your mani; 3. I MUST TRY THAT WINE. i love Spanish red wine as well. Lili is funny. She says she cant wait to turn 21 so she can drink some vino; 4. your mama is looking fab. happy early birthday.

  4. Oh my gorgeous! Those views! Totally worth getting up early for. Glad you got in some good miles this weekend. And I love that nail color!! My weekend was crazy busy–picked up a bunch of extra hours at my various jobs to help people out. I’m ready for a vacation after that! 🙂

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