Asics Gel Kayano 21 Lite Show Review.

7 miles this morning and holy moly the weather was freaking incredible. Um yeah, 60s in August down here is pretty much unheard of.


Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.54.40 AM

I guess we will have to enjoy it while it lasts, yes? I see some patio time going down this evening before the heat wave comes back.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.43.43 AM

This week I’ve been breaking in and getting used to running in these sweet new pink kicks. The Lite Show model definitely does not disappoint with its durability, comfort and movability. Oh yeah, it kind of feels like you are running on clouds.


Ever since I first started this whole distance running thing several years ago I’ve been an avid fan of Asics. Although they are starting to come up with some seriously awesome fun flashy colors, they have always just been plain jane, good shoes with no real fancy frills. And because of this…often times I wanted to change it up and wear other shoes because I like variety! And yeah…I’m maybe a little A.D.D. What can I say. Hokas, Newtons, Brooks…I tell you I feel like I’ve tried them all. But none of these shoes so far has compared to the way my feet feel in Asics shoes. So I say all of that to say…whatever is working for you…stick with it. It really will never let you down.

Asics are very traditional just like I like them and they get the job done…which for me is what is most important. Especially when you spend a lot of time out on the roads pounding the pavement, and even on the trail…these are the tried and true. They can be pricey but I have found with running shoes that you get what you pay for so for me they are an investment that I can believe in. If you are looking to purchase online instead you will find good deals on sites like 6 pm and Running Warehouse among others.

What I like about Kayanos is they provide a cushy ride and are very light and easy to move around in. I feel like my feet are protected while at the same time I’m getting some nice bounce and traction with the roadways. They are also great for picking up the pace / turnover and running fast because they are nice and light on my feet.

Overall I’m very happy with this Kayano model and think they are great shoes for racing as well as everyday wear.

What’s your favorite model of running shoe? What fall or winter marathons are you training for right now?

5 thoughts on “Asics Gel Kayano 21 Lite Show Review.

  1. 68? Come on that’s so not fair! You are just a few miles up the road from me! Is my whining getting loud? Lol. Great job on your run! Hope the weekend treats you well and you send some of that nicer weather my way.

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