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20 Miles, My New Post Long Run Addiction and Wknd Recap.

Hello and good Monday to you! Hope you all had an awesome weekend full of fun. Mine was full of lots of running, some yoga and maxing and relaxing time! Let’s recap.


So Saturday was my 3rd 20 miler of the training season. I have been enjoying these longer runs because it has really been building my mental strength like no other. I think for the marathon distance that’s one thing I want to work on the most. It’s amazing how powerful the mind is…much more powerful than you think. Mind over matter for sure. Anyway…it took me around 3 hours, I drank some gatorade, water and had some Gu to keep me going.


Yes, I may have a problem with consistently going over the mile marker but I seriously wanted to keep going on this run. Let’s blame the awesome weather. I guess I had a bit of a second wind.

After the run I got all cleaned up and re-fueled with some acai fruity goodness. This place is my new post long run addiction. Breakfast to go.


Saturday evening was pretty chill, hung out with bae, ate some BBQ at his place and we watched a little bit of The Wedding Ringer. Funny movie.

Sunday I did some easy recovery miles to hit my quota for the week. 8 miles all smiles.


Followed by early service at church then some Core Power Yoga with my girl Camillia. They have a free community class on Sundays where they let some newbie teachers team teach so it was pretty cool. The rookie instructors did a great job and were trained well, although a couple of them you could tell were nervous to be in front of the class. It was cute because it kind of reminded me of how scared I was when I first started teaching at the gym. And now I dance in front of them and act like a maniac. It’s so funny how quickly you get over those nerves though.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.38.32 AM

Post yoga Buda Juice awesomeness. I have a thing for beets in juice form, not quite sure why.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.44.40 AM

And some sushi on the patio before watching the Cowboys game. So necessary.


Plus I’m super stoked that I hit just over 60 miles in training last week. Which is pretty high mileage for me but I’m very thankful for this strong body of mine that puts up with all of my shenanigans. Win win.

How was your weekend? Are you excited for any fall festivals coming up?
Yes…Grapefest is next weekend. Bring it on.

24 thoughts on “20 Miles, My New Post Long Run Addiction and Wknd Recap.”

      1. ah. That definitely makes sense. How many years are “lots”? 🙂
        And thank you! I had a good weekend. Got less than half your mileage, but a lot of good food and chances to relax, as well as getting some work done.

  1. Woohoo 60 miles is awesome!!! And nothing like a solid 20 mile run. So much of the marathon is mental and just being able to stay in your head for 3+ hours can be a challenge! Loving the post-run acai bowl… I’m addicted ALL the time 🙂

  2. That’s an amazing week! You have perfected the mileage and healthy eating thing for sure! What is your next marathon time goal? And do you run your 20’s at that pace too?

    1. I do not run the entire 20 miles at race pace. A lot of people overdo it as far as PACE goes with training runs and then blow up at the race. Some miles I will kick it up a notch but for me it’s important to get the time on my feet. I do most of my speed work during the work week.

      My eventual goal is to get back down below 4 hours which I’ve done twice before. The one in October will be the 4th marathon I’ve run this year though (and I have another 26.2 in November) so the main goal is to have fun!

  3. Sounds amazing! I can’t fathom that you run for three hours. It’s just so incredible to me. Not only your mental strength, but your physical power. You inspire me so much! And you still make time for fun.

  4. Great job on the 60 mile week, that is impressive!! I need to try an acai bowl, I keep seeing people at work with them and they look so good.

  5. how do you run so much and feel so good?! must be all that yoga! and Jesus loves you, seriously. 🙂 i haven’t even done a single 20-miler for my training and my race is in a few weeks…if i run it. i’m going to try to rock one this wknd and honestly don’t even care if i have to walk some of it at this point! on another note, i’m obsessed w/ acai bowls and started making them at home too. YUM.

  6. I’ve been away (not physically — just so busy with the new season of school, work and celebrating a birthday). First things first, congratulations on hitting 60 last week. That is amazing. YOU are amazing. and on your 3rd 20 for this training cycle. You are on fire. I hope to be where you’re at soon. I have been non-consistent these days and trying to build myself up. LOL I’ll be back at it soon.

    Keep it UP.

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