23 Miles, Fall Festivals and Wknd Recap.

Hi there! Did you have a good weekend? Hope you were able to get out and let your hair down a little bit.


It was a 23 mile Saturday for me! Last 20+ mile run before the marathon in 3 weeks. I threw in a couple of nice juicy hills for good measure. They are mounds of opportunity, after all. I’m starting to kind of like running hills…it keeps things exciting, you know.


Post run smoothie…frozen dark cherries, bananas, unsweetened vanilla coconut almond milk, a little protein. Incredible.


Later on just more relaxing and a trip to Sprouts for some of my favorite things. Stocking up on more Pumpkin Spice tea, because I can. Oh, and new addiction. Roasted pumpkin seeds. I eat them shell and all.


Sunday runday. 6 recovery miles taking in the sights and sounds around me.


Colorful flowers and bright pink kicks. Love.


Then kicking back at the local fall festival in Grapevine…Grapefest. Cheers.


Plus they had a ton of vendors with handmade soaps, lotions, jewelry and fun coasters with images from all over Dallas. I bought the one with the white bridge on it. I love running over at the trail right by the bridge so I thought it was fitting that I get it.


How was your weekend? Did you go check out any fun fall festivals?

14 thoughts on “23 Miles, Fall Festivals and Wknd Recap.

  1. Lol, “mounds of opportunity”. I have to remember that next time I’m struggling to get over one. I haven’t hit any fall festivals yet, but maybe there is an oktoberfest of some kind in my future… Glad you had a good 23 miles!

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