7 Things No One Tells You About Running.

Hello there! I was up early to get in my 7 miles before 7 am this morning. It felt good to be up and out the door before most of the neighborhood was up. Gotta love the peace and quiet of the roads and that first glimmer of sunlight.


I was thinking about a few things that I’ve come to know and love about this wonderful sport of running…certain secrets, if you will that I now know from my years of marathon training and racing.

1. Running is kind of like a loyal companion that’s always around when you need it. My mom always jokes with me and says that running is my date/husband/lover…haha, well me & Mr. Running are pretty serious! Just saying. But seriously…whether you’re going through a breakup or just a time in your life when you need to step back from some things…I have found that running is a powerful way to heal and get through so many emotions.


2. Rest and recovery is just as important as putting in work. Sure, speedwork and tempo runs are great and certainly a confidence booster but learn to balance that out with quality rest. Any mad man can run themselves into the ground. Also it’s important to run easy when needed and not always be so watch/Garmin/data happy. As you get more into the sport you will learn that running by feel is just as important.

3. It’s not a cheap sport. I mean, come on. Race fees, runner swag, all of the ‘necessary gear’…it sure does add up, especially if you travel for races. But I have to tell you, it is absolutely worth it. Since I’ve started running I don’t think I’ve traveled so much, branched out of my comfort zone so often, and met so many fantastic folks.



4. It will make you tardy for the party sometimes. Yep…I’ve had many days where I’ve done my long runs in the mornings only to be a little late for work (shhh) or for events with friends…haha yeah, gotta do better at that. What can I say, me and my lover (!) like to spend a lot of time together and sometimes we get caught up.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 8.46.42 AM

5. That dedication and commitment to the sport will transfer to other things you do in your life. To me there are just so many parallels to racing and life situations it’s not even funny. Just know if you can get through 26.2 miles you can pretty much get through any tough life event. For sure.

6. I’ve probably said it already, but you will know the ins and outs of how your body works better than ever before. And you will definitely have more appreciation for your body and its strength.

7. It really will change your life, if you let it.


What are some things/secrets that you have discovered about running over the years?

12 thoughts on “7 Things No One Tells You About Running.

  1. so true. love the “tardy for the party” one — definitely the name of my game, also! 🙂 “sorry, i’ll be late,” or “yeah i can’t make that,” or “i can swing by…but i’ll be in my running clothes b/c, um, i’ll come right after i run…to the bar…” — those all are truths for me!

  2. It must feel so serene (even though you’re running) to be out in nature when most are still sleeping. Quiet moments like that must really allow you to clear your mind before you begin your day.
    I think Mr. Running treats you very well! Great post.

  3. YES, you’re right. It is NOT a cheap sport at all. LOVE THIS. So funny. I still can’t believe it was $266 for NYC marathon and I had to pay that 3x (once because it was canceled from Hurricane Sandy, last year but then I got injured and you can defer but still have to pay full the following year and THIS year). Holy crap.

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