15 Things Only Distance Runners Understand.

Morning miles all smiles. Enjoying a bit of vitamin D and the sunflowers. Thank you mother nature for the awesome cloud cover!


So yeah…let’s get straight to the topic. Hope you can relate! Things only distance runners understand.

1. Very few things in life are more satisfying than a weekend long run. Especially in the crisp cool fall air…after a LONG HOT Texas summer. Can I get an amen?

2. This is not punishment. This is my idea of fun. Crazy fun but endorphin filled runner’s high kind of fun.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.35.04 AM

3. Some of life’s issues/drama/etc can likely be solved on that 4 hour run. Believe it.

4. That post marathon meal/treat/glass of wine (or 3) is without a doubt the most delicious rewarding item.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.46.31 AM

5. Putting vaseline/body glide/coconut oil on all parts of your body. It will save you from a world of chafing.

6. Talking yourself up a crazy big hill especially during a race.


7. The swoosh of the downhill…always fun…but your quads will pay for it afterwards.

8. Choosing to sit in a bath full of icey water.

9. Getting that second wind on a long run. It’s kind of the best feeling ever.

10. Sizing up a street or park for its potential as a running route.

11. Running past your front door 3 or 4 times to hit that perfect mile marker. Hey, this is important stuff, people.

12. Those numbers mean more to you than just digits though…they represent the hard work, dedication and perseverance.

13. Having to explain to your friends/family/strangers exactly how long a marathon is. Never gets old.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.47.25 AM

14. Going down the steps backwards after 26.2 miles…oh yes, it’s a rite of passage. Learn to love that post race soreness. Because it’s kind of awesome.

15. Doing the head nod or smiling at a fellow distance runner in the streets. Because we understand each other.

What do you love about being a distance runner?

16 thoughts on “15 Things Only Distance Runners Understand.

  1. Man you hit so many on the head for me! I dont know that you missed anything. Maybe that moment when you step wrong and you a twinge or pain and you hold your breath thinking I’ll never run again. Then when it passes you are so darn relieved that you will still be able to abuse your body later lol.

  2. 3,6,7, and 15. But I really love the whole list. I have learned to love the hills because it (usually) guarantees a downhill! Glad you are getting some heat relief and actual Fall weather!!

  3. I got another one (long run yesterday, overdid it on the ‘recovery run’ today): foam rolling your calves is possible and helps even after a couple of glasses of wine 🙂

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