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10k and Trader Joe’s Tuesday.

6 miles this morning after getting an amazing amount of sleep. I think I nodded off around 8:30 pm last night! Felt so good to catch some more zzz’s.


Post run yoga session and legs up on the wall. Much needed. I definitely need to do the legs up the wall thing a lot more. This is a great restorative pose to keep help with recovery and circulation.



Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.23.17 AM

So today I thought I’d share a few items I purchased on my grocery haul this week. This Trader Joe’s is a bit closer to my job so I love stopping by there on the way home sometimes. It always feels like a fun field trip of sorts. Yes I have an exciting life.

Spaghetti squash. Not sure what my fascination is with squash lately but it’s just an easy staple to have around the house. Plus it’s filling and so darn good for you. Nice alternative to pasta too. I made it with jalapeño chicken sausage last night. Perfection.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.58.37 AM


Dark sweet cherries. These babies are fantastic in smoothies and actually just as a snack. They remind me of frozen grapes a little bit…nature’s candy.


Chile lime chicken burgers. I have not tried these just yet but am planning on whipping ‘em up this week. Nice little protein boost. I will report back.


Wild arugula…good alternative to spinach…definitely planning on whipping up some lunches with this stuff.


Cut up butternut squash. As I mentioned in this post I love that this takes a lot of the prep work out. Plus hello, butternut squash mac n cheese is the best comfort food out there. Need I say more?


Chipotle salsa. This has such a good kick of zesty spice and a smokey flavor at the end. Great with tortilla chips too. I may have to make some crockpot salsa chicken with this one.


TJ’s wine. Charles Shaw, I love you. The merlot is great but this week I’ll be trying some shriaz on Wine Wednesday after I teach my spin class. We’ll see how it goes.


Do you have a Trader Joe’s where you live? Have you discovered any fun finds?

25 thoughts on “10k and Trader Joe’s Tuesday.”

  1. There’s a Trader Joe’s near where my family moved. i joke that it’s the only reason we moved.
    We stop by once a week, usually on Friday, and just see what’s in stock.
    Most recently, we got pumpkin butter, pumpkin spice coffee, some of those kale bites (delicious!) and a bunch of flowers.
    a good night of sleep sounds amazing. I’ going to try to get all my work done today so that I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow to work before school.
    Also, I think my legs are going up against the wall today, too.
    Hope you have a great day!

  2. i eat arugula like it’s going out of style (which it NEVER WILL — fave lettuce for sure) and i neeeed to get my hands on some spaghetti squash asap! i’ve had all the 3 buck Chuck wines but not in the past year or so, so i can’t recall which i like best. maybe the cab or the shiraz. enjoy!

  3. No, I don’t have a TJ’s where I live or even close. The first and only time I’ve been there is when I went to DC. Does the wine has less sugar?
    I love, love that wall pose. So restorative and relaxing.
    I can’t believe there will be no more NeNe next season!

    1. I prefer more dry (red wines) not sweet like moscato (ICK!) but in general Trader Joe’s is more budget friendly and you get good quality for your buck. Canada clearly needs to get with the program! 😉

  4. No Trader Joes near me! The nearest Wholefoods is the UK! Thankfully a lot of the supermarkets here have a good selection of bio and organic fresh fruit and veg. There are organic shops, but they’re expensive, even more than the organic selection in the supermarkets!

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