10k Tuesday and 6 Runner Confessions.

It was a 10k kind of Tuesday. Pushing through and getting it done, humidity and all! Just happy to get some recovery miles in after this race on Sunday.


So I figured today was a good a day as any to jot down a few runner confessions! In no particular order…

1. Sometimes I really don’t want to run. You feel me? I’m just not feeling it…and I want to mope around and/or sleep in, for whatever reason. But days like that are actually days when I have some of my best workouts.


2. After running sometimes I just want to pass out on the floor and stay there all day. But I have this thing called a full time job…and someone’s gotta do it.


3. I talk to myself often when I’m running. Because some days you just need a little extra self talk/motivation.

4. Often times I brainstorm some of my best ideas on a run. It’s amazing how that happens.

5. I DO NOT like it when people pass me during a long run in the park or on the trail. Yes…that’s definitely the competitor in me. Even if I’m exhausted I will run 800 times faster if someone is trying to catch up.

6. Some days I run an extra mile (or 5) just for a glass of wine at the end of the night. Hashtag because I earned it.


What are some of your runner confessions?

6 thoughts on “10k Tuesday and 6 Runner Confessions.

  1. I sometimes wish I had a time turner, so that I could get the extra hour of sleep and the run in. Between the choice of those two, no matter what I chose, I do regret something…
    Is that bad?
    Thanks for your confressions.
    Great way to start off your day, with a 10k!

  2. #s 1-3 I definitely do!!! oh and 5. HAHA. A lot of times, if I miss my window, I won’t run. OH, and I’m like the laziest, fit girl. Most of the time after I run, I’m lazy the rest of the day… Or so I think I am.

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