Reason to Celebrate and 10 Tips for an Awesome Race Weekend.

Early miles this morning before I head off to Vegas tomorrow! And today is my Friday at work so that is definitely a reason to celebrate.


I thought I’d give you a few rituals/things I love to do leading up to having an incredible marathon/race weekend! This will come in handy for those of you traveling to run marathons this fall and winter.

1. 2 days before the race- have a nice carb friendly meal. You’ll want to eat a little lighter the day before so this is the day to you have your pizza/pasta/rice/etc. My favorite pre race meal is probably quinoa/gluten free pasta with laughing cow cheese & smoked tuna. Hey…sounds odd but I like what I like.

2. Be prepared. Mentally and physically make sure you have all of your bases covered especially if you are traveling for the marathon. Check into your flight early, make sure you have transportation or parking arranged for the airport, start packing and prepping days in advance. All of these things help relieve anxiety and last minute forgetfulness. Here’s a great race day checklist you may want to keep handy as well.

3. If the race is large enough they will have a health and fitness expo. Make sure you hit up that bad boy EARLY…same day you arrive if possible. Early is the name of the game. Everyone and their grandma will want to go at the last minute so you’ll want to avoid the crowds and get in and out of there. Or if you’re like me have access to more of the runner swag before everyone snatches it up. Love me some expo shopping.

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 8.38.36 AM

4. Go for a short little shake out run the day prior. Now, everyone is different with this one. But for me this helps my legs feel spunky for the race.

5. Put your compression socks on and straight kick it the rest of the day. For me mentally this helps me just get centered and in the game.


6. Eat a little lighter the night before the race. I recommend chicken with rice or a sandwich. Nothing too ethnic or heavy so you can wake up good to go. (This will be interesting for me as the Vegas race is in the late afternoon so I’ll be making that adjustment)

7. Lay out your race clothes, put the chip timer on your shoe and of course take a photo. Yes, it helps to have your name on your shirt. You’ll want all of those spectators cheering you on!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.30.26 AM

8. Race morning! Get up early, head to the start line…and again…take some photos! It will help you to cherish the moment and capture those memories.

9. Run an AWESOME race. You have trained hard for this and relish in your accomplishment.

10. Make sure you don’t look at your watch at the finish line!! Smile at the camera like the rockstar that you are.

Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 10.08.55 AM

What are some race rituals/things you like to do leading up to having an awesome marathon experience?

14 thoughts on “Reason to Celebrate and 10 Tips for an Awesome Race Weekend.

  1. Thank you for this post! All of your ideas are spot-on. I always forget to smile at the camera at the finish line– usually my photos come out looking like I am about to cry (kidding– kind of! :)). Good luck with your running!

  2. YOU GOT THIS!!! Question from one runner to another… So I did 6 miles yesterday and did something to my right hamstring… I can feel it when Im running and I have started heating it at night… Have you ever had an injury before? I dont want to stop running but I dont want to make it worse either. Suggestions?

  3. Great list…I think do most of these so totally agree. If I’m on the road, I try not to walk around and sightsee the day before, I also turn on my GPS well ahead of the start time so it can load the new location in advance, and before the pre-race snack and coffee, I gotta have a shower to wake up!! Best of luck at Vegas…a night race would change the routine a bit for sure!!

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