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8 Miles and Trader Joe’s Tuesday.

8 miles this morning enjoying a lovely view. Temps were in the 40s but the sun was shining so it felt warmer…gotta love Texas in the late fall! It’s definitely my favorite time of year to run.


So…it’s Trader Joe’s Tuesday around here! I think it should be an observed holiday. Anyway….here are a few things I’m loving from TJ’s this week.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.43.46 AM

Shaved brussels sprouts. I am obsessed with this veggie lately…I could actually just eat these raw. I love them all cut up like that…they are perfect in salads or roasted in the oven. Last night I made a brussels sprouts salad and put some avocado in there…whoa. Game changer.


Cilantro and chive yogurt dip. This stuff is heaven on just about everything. Great in salads and even a healthier dip with tortilla chips.


Cage free organic eggs. I try to buy the cage free ones as much as I can just because to me they taste better. Especially with TJ’s seasoning salute sprinkled on top. Yum.


Chicken sausage. I love throwing these in pasta dishes or spaghetti squash dishes. It gives everything great flavor and is a nice protein punch.


Chopped up sweet potatoes. Those of you that are peeling sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving…it may be too late to tell you this but save yourself some prep time! I can’t wait to mix these with eggs and make a little scramble.


Have you discovered any new foods from Trader Joe’s lately?

Do you have a special dish you like to make for Thanksgiving?

12 thoughts on “8 Miles and Trader Joe’s Tuesday.”

  1. I love Trader Joes. I go there once a week on the way home from work as well. Lately, I’ve been loving their soups and Inner Peas.
    Also, the sweet potatoes are a great help! But I love me some whole baked sweet potato as well.

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