4 Ways to Enjoy Running in Cold Weather.

10k Thursday today…legs were feeling good even after a 10 mile run yesterday. It was tough getting up this morning but once I get out of that bed I’m good to go. I really do love cold weather running…this is my mantra right about now.


Done and done. Every little bit of sunshine helped.


I don’t know about your neck of the woods but temps have really been frosty down in Texas! It’s supposed to get close to 60 this afternoon but mornings have been in the 30s and 40s. Here are a few ways I get acclimated to and enjoy running in cold weather.

1. Cover your extremities. Keeping your hands and ears warm sure makes a huge difference. For me my hands are the first thing to get cold so I try to always have gloves handy or a pullover that has thumb holes.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.39.38 AM

2. Layer it up! Layers are so crucial…make sure your shirts are dri fit material so they wick moisture and cover up with an insulating top/jacket. Chafing is still very real in the winter time too…just saying…body glide is your friend.

3. Do some dynamic stretching/warm up before you get going. Warming up before a run for me is always so important but even more so when the temps drop. Here are some great things you can do to get the heart pumping.

4. Think about how amazing that hot shower will be after your run. Any promise of anything hot…shower, COFFEE…just being inside somewhere warm…helps me finish that much faster.


What are some ways you acclimate to running in cold weather?

12 thoughts on “4 Ways to Enjoy Running in Cold Weather.

  1. One way I acclimate to running in cold weather is running… indoors! Heehee! I have a treadmill at home now and it’s a God-send with the frigid MD temps we’re having. 🙂 #GreatTips

  2. Southern AZ doesn’t get as cold as much of the country, but it can be nippy in the morning and after the sun goes down. I agree on gloves. I also wear a headband that covers me ears and arm warmers (I can get pretty hot once I start running, so I like that I can just slide them down my arms).

  3. I have no issues reaching for the man tights when it gets below freezing as evidenced in my Turkey Trot 10K race report!

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