10k Tuesday and Crazy Easy Protein Pancakes.

It’s 10k Tuesday around here…nice and chilly temps in the 40s this morning! Just like I like it.


I am actually looking forward to some 70s weather this afternoon too! I may have to go on a run after work this week just to celebrate. Haha…just maybe.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 10.11.35 AM

So I thought I’d share one of my favorite post workout breakfast recipes with you. Lately I have been loving me some protein pancakes just because they are so darn easy to make! I love making these especially after a long run because they leave me happy and satisfied…and they kick that RUNger right in the hiney.

They are crazy easy and crazy good!

Here’s what you need…

-1/2 cup of rolled oats
-Splash of water or almond milk (I use water and it works perfectly)
-1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (this one lately is my go to)
-1 egg

Mix…flip your flapjacks and serve with your favorite syrup, fruit or whatever toppings you desire.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 10.12.27 AM

What’s your favorite post long run meal or breakfast?

18 thoughts on “10k Tuesday and Crazy Easy Protein Pancakes.

  1. Wow, jealous that you have some incredible weather ahead! I am surprised and very happy that Boston will be 60 this weekend– in mid December! My favorite post-run food is a huge bowl of oatmeal with some granola/trail mix sprinkled in there, and sometimes a banana. That usually tides me over until the next meal 🙂 Good luck with your runs this week!

  2. Favorite go to long run drink isn’t that original but I put together a blended smoothie, with protein powder, yogurt, usually banana but sometimes berries or tropical fruit, a small shot of honey and low fat milk to mix in the powder. That, and beer, or red wine 🙂

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