Early Morning 10k and Trader Joe’s Tuesday.

Early morning 10k miles with my early bird running crew. It’s taper time around here so it was nice to dial it back just a bit.


Yes…mentally tough…I am working on it. Always.

Yesterday after work I cashed in my Groupon and had a little sauna session at King Spa and Sauna in Dallas. This place is pretty awesome…they have a waterpark, lounge chairs, several sauna areas and even a lounge upstairs where you can get facials, massages and pedicures. It’s kind of like Disney World for those who want to max and relax.

2016-02-16 09.17.46

I went right after work and spent close to 3 hours in there doing nothing but straight chillin. I tell you what my body feels so awesome and relaxed today. Thank you baby Jesus.

2016-02-16 09.14.49

Changing gears a bit…I haven’t done a Trader Joe’s Tuesday in a while I thought I’d share my grocery haul with you for this week! Lots of goodies in the cart.


-Riced cauliflower. Typically I like to make my own but this is awesome because it’s already pre chopped, fresh and ready to go. I like to add chicken sausage, ground turkey and all sorts of stuff to it. Even avocado and make my own version of a Mexi style taco salad.


-Organic fresh basil. This week I plan on making these feta basil turkey burgers so they should be a good deal.


-Speaking of feta…hello feta cheese/greek yogurt spread. You are my favorite.


-Spicy spinach blend. I see lots of yummy fresh salads in my future.


-Brew in the bag Brazilian java. Perfect for a post run a.m. treat. I have yet to try this but I’ll let you know how it goes.


Do you have a Trader Joe’s in your area? What have you tried from there lately?

15 thoughts on “Early Morning 10k and Trader Joe’s Tuesday.

  1. I love this post! I like your grocery haul. SO HEALTHY. I recently discovered the steam room at a gym I teach spin at and it is great to put the phone down after a long day and just sweat everything out! Good for you!

  2. lil miss healthy! i’ve never heard of riced cauliflower but it sounds like smthg i’d prob like. yay for pampering yourself and having some much-needed down time.

  3. Oh gosh. The day we had a blizzard, one of the TJ’s two towns over (like 15 minutes away from my house) roof collapsed. Everyone in town is devastated and they just demolished it. They’ll be rebuilding soon. Luckily, I live next door to one. Unfortunately it wasn’t like the one near my house that has a liquor license. Oh well. Can’t win them all.

    I am loving the color of your running shoes. So fab. And of course YOU’RE fab.

    Happy Tuesday friend.

  4. Sadly there is no TJ’s in my area, or if at all in Toronto. I hope it happens soon because we only have Whole Foods. AKA Whole Paycheck.
    Looks like you got delicious buys there and I loved your pampering recap.

  5. Ooh, girl… You’re making me want to hit up TJ’s! Why can’t it be more convenient?! 😉

    I’m kind of jealous of your spa day. That sounds awesome!

    I too am tapering, but I haven’t been enjoying it as much as I had wanted to. Getting sick last week and not being able to run just made me want to all that much more, and then this week (feeling much better) my motivation is lacking. Ugh!

  6. I bought the coffee when I first saw it a few weeks ago. Cool concept and tastes quite good for making coffee on the go (where very hot water is easily available), but because of all the packaging and licensing it from the company with the patent, it’s quite expensive. Should really be 1.29 but it’s 1.49. They also claim on the package it makes 2 cups of coffee, which it’s really not. It makes like 10 oz of medium coffee, or 6-8 oz of stronger brew. 10oz is one big cup (aka the biggest size my mini Keurig will make).

    I never see anybody else buying this, it just sits there on the shelves, even though it’s kinda worth it for an occasional pick-me-up of very high quality coffee and is tastier / cheaper than Starbucks et al. Unfortunately I see it going away for the reasons mentioned. After buying this a handful of times, you could’ve made a nice 50% down payment on a good reusable pourover device which does the same, but without the landfill mess.

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