Magic Number and 5 Things I Love About Running With a Group.

7…is my running magic number. Without a doubt. 7 magical miles this morning with my awesome running group rocking it out before the sun came up. It was a good time catching up while getting it in.


I have a few favorite distances (26.2 being one of them) but I don’t know what it is about a 7 miler. A solid hour of running in the morning does wonders for my brain for some reason. I also love me a good mid week long run…like 10 or 11 miles. For some reason…it makes me feel like kind of a rockstar.

Speaking of rockstars…here are just a few things I absolutely love about running with a group. I think joining a club or group in your community is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Don’t get me wrong…I still love my solo runs but running while making friends is kind of the icing on the cake.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.35.40 AM

1. The camaraderie. The running community is one of the best around. You will make solid friendships that you will have for years to come. When no one else is there…trust me, your running buds will be there. They are kind of like fam if you will.

2. Safety in numbers. Especially if you run in the morning, having a group while running before the sun goes up is pretty much your best bet.

3. Time goes by faster…when you are chatting away on a long run! Sooner than later, boom! You are 15 miles in and wondering where all of the miles went.

4. Accountability. Chances are if you know a rack of people are waiting on you for that long run on Saturday morning…you are less likely to back out. Point blank period. Hashtag no excuses. And you will always feel good once you get there and get going.

5. It’s just plain FUN! More social events, more reasons to run…more excuses to enter races! Because your friends are doing it. Haha…peer pressure at its finest. But you will have a blast if you have a gang of folks with you…all rocking it out together.

2016-02-11 07.29.12

Do you have a running group/squad/club that you roll with? What do you love about running with a group?

10 thoughts on “Magic Number and 5 Things I Love About Running With a Group.

  1. You’re so right with the group runs. When I first started running, I would do everything all by myself. BUT yes, I love running w/ a group for every reason you mentioned. Also, it’s a great place to vent about anything, helps you become a FASTER and BETTER runner — and they’re just as crazy as YOU are when it comes to running. They’re the only ones that really UNDERSTAND you!!! LOL


  2. I love the safety aspect of group runs, especially on those early runs or on trails. And long runs definitely go by faster with a group! I wish there were more run groups down here in my area of soflo but sadly no. VA & DC had all the best ones!

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